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Agten, Christoph A; Rosskopf, Andrea B; Jonczy, Maciej; Brunner, Florian; Pfirrmann, Christian W A; Buck, Florian M (2018). Frequency of inflammatory-like MR imaging findings in asymptomatic fingers of healthy volunteers. Skeletal Radiology, 47(2):279-287.

Bensler, Susanne; Agten, Christoph A; Pfirrmann, Christian W A; Sutter, Reto (2018). Osseous spurs at the fovea capitis femoris-a frequent finding in asymptomatic volunteers. Skeletal Radiology, 47(1):69-77.

Miletic, Ivan; Agten, Christoph A; Sutter, Reto; Pfirrmann, Christian W A; Peterson, Cynthia (2018). Relationship of radiographic osteoarthritis severity with treatment outcomes after imaging-guided knee injections: a prospective outcomes study. RöFo : Fortschritte auf dem Gebiet der Röntgenstrahlen und der bildgebenden Verfahren, 190(02):134-143.

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Dietrich, Tobias J; Agten, Christoph A; Fürnstahl, Philipp; Vlachopoulos, Lazaros; Pfirrmann, Christian W A (2017). The Legend of the Luschka Tubercle and Its Association With Snapping Scapulae: Osseous Morphology of Snapping Scapulae on CT Images. American Journal of Roentgenology, 209(1):159-166.

Agten, Christoph A; Jonczy, Maciej; Ullrich, Oliver; Pfirrmann, Christian W A; Sutter, Reto; Buck, Florian M (2017). Measurement of acetabular version based on biplanar radiographs with 3D reconstructions in comparison to CT as reference standard in cadavers. Clinical Anatomy, 30(5):591-598.

Agten, Christoph A; Sutter, Reto; Dora, Claudio; Pfirrmann, Christian W A (2017). MR imaging of soft tissue alterations after total hip arthroplasty: comparison of classic surgical approaches. European Radiology, 27(3):1312-1321.

Agten, Christoph A; Buck, Florian M; Dyer, Linda; Flück, Martin; Pfirrmann, Christian W A; Rosskopf, Andrea B (2017). Delayed-onset muscle soreness: temporal assessment with quantitative MRI and shear-wave ultrasound elastography. American Journal of Roentgenology, 208(2):402-412.

Müller, Monika; Biurrun Manresa, José A; Treichel, Fabienne; Agten, Christoph A; Heini, Paul; Andersen, Ole K; Curatolo, Michele; Jüni, Peter (2016). Discriminative ability of reflex receptive fields to distinguish patients with acute and chronic low back pain. Pain, 157(12):2664-2671.

Kaelin Agten, Andrea; Ringel, Nancy; Ramos, Joanne; Timor-Tritsch, Ilan E; Agten, Christoph A; Monteagudo, Ana (2016). Standardization of peak systolic velocity measurement in enhanced myometrial vascularity. American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, 215(6):802-803.

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Agten, Christoph A; Zubler, Veronika; Rosskopf, Andrea B; Weiss, Bettina; Pfirrmann, Christian W A (2016). Enthesitis of lumbar spinal ligaments in clinically suspected spondyloarthritis: value of gadolinium-enhanced MR images in comparison to STIR. Skeletal Radiology, 45(2):187-195.

Agten, Christoph A; Rosskopf, Andrea B; Gerber, Christian; Pfirrmann, Christian W A (2016). Quantification of early fatty infiltration of the rotator cuff muscles: comparison of multi-echo Dixon with single-voxel MR spectroscopy. European Radiology, 26(10):3719-3727.

Agten, Christoph A; Rosskopf, Andrea B; Zingg, Patrick O; Peterson, Cynthia K; Pfirrmann, Christian W A (2015). Outcomes after fluoroscopy-guided iliopsoas bursa injection for suspected iliopsoas tendinopathy. European Radiology, 25(3):865-871.

Agten, Christoph A; Del Grande, Filippo; Fucentese, Sandro F; Blatter, Samuel; Pfirrmann, Christian W A; Sutter, Reto (2015). Unicompartmental knee arthroplasty MRI: impact of slice-encoding for metal artefact correction MRI on image quality, findings and therapy decision. European Radiology, 25(7):2184-2193.

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