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Clark, V R; Timberlake, J R; Hyde, M A; Mapaura, A; Coates Palgrave, M; Wursten, B T; Ballings, P; Burrows, J E; Linder, Peter H; McGregor, G K; Chapano, C; Plowes, D C H; Childes, S L; Dondeyne, S; Müller, T; Barker, N P (2017). A first comprehensive account of floristic diversity and endemism on the Nyanga massif, Manica highlands (Zimbabwe-Mozambique). Kirkia: The Zimbabwe Journal of Botany, 19(1):1-53.

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Barker, N P; Howis, B; Nordenstam, B; Källersjö, M; Eldenäs, P; Griffioen, C; Linder, H P (2009). Nuclear and chloroplast DNA-based phylogenies of Chrysanthemoides Tourn. ex Medik. (Calenduleae; Asteraceae) reveal extensive incongruence and generic paraphyly, but support the recognition of infraspecific taxa in C. monilifera. South African Journal of Botany, 75(3):560-572.

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Pirie, M D; Humphreys, A M; Galley, C; Barker, N P; Verboom, G A; Orlovich, D; Draffin, S J; Lloyd, K; Baeza, C M; Negritto, M; Ruiz, E; Sanchez, J H C; Reimer, E; Linder, H P (2008). A novel supermatrix approach improves resolution of phylogenetic relationships in a comprehensive sample of danthonioid grasses. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, 48(3):1106-1119.

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