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Bao, Kai; Bostanci, Nagihan; Thurnheer, Thomas; Belibasakis, Georgios N (2017). Proteomic shifts in multi-species oral biofilms caused by Anaeroglobus geminatus. Scientific Reports, 7(1):4409.

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Peker Tekdal, Gözde; Bostanci, Nagihan; Belibasakis, Georgios N; Gürkan, Ali (2016). The effect of piezoelectric surgery implant osteotomy on radiological and molecular parameters of peri-implant crestal bone loss: a randomized, controlled, split-mouth trial. Clinical Oral Implants Research, 27(5):535-544.

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Akcalı, Aliye; Bostanci, Nagihan; Özçaka, Özgun; Öztürk-Ceyhan, Banu; Gümüş, Pınar; Tervahartiala, Taina; Husu, Heidi; Buduneli, Nurcan; Sorsa, Timo; Belibasakis, Georgios N (2015). Elevated matrix metalloproteinase-8 in saliva and serum in polycystic ovary syndrome and association with gingival inflammation. Innate immunity, 21(6):619-625.

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Bregy, Lukas; Müggler, Annick R; Martinez-Lozano Sinues, Pablo; García-Gómez, Diego; Suter, Yannick; Belibasakis, Georgios N; Kohler, Malcolm; Schmidlin, Patrick R; Zenobi, Renato (2015). Differentiation of oral bacteria in in vitro cultures and human saliva by secondary electrospray ionization – mass spectrometry. Scientific Reports, 5:15163.

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Bao, Kai; Bostanci, Nagihan; Selevsek, Nathalie; Thurnheer, Thomas; Belibasakis, Georgios N (2015). Quantitative Proteomics Reveal Distinct Protein Regulations Caused by Aggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans within Subgingival Biofilms. PLoS ONE, 10(3):e0119222.

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Belibasakis, Georgios N; Guggenheim, Bernhard; Bostanci, Nagihan (2013). Down-regulation of NLRP3 inflammasome in gingival fibroblasts by subgingival biofilms: Involvement of Porphyromonas gingivalis. Innate Immunity, 19(1):3-9.

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Bostanci, Nagihan; Thurnheer, Thomas; Aduse-Opoku, Joseph; Curtis, Michael A; Zinkernagel, Annelies S; Belibasakis, Georgios N (2013). Porphyromonas gingivalis regulates TREM-1 in human polymorphonuclear neutrophils via its gingipains. PLoS ONE, 8(10):e75784.

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Belibasakis, Georgios N. Molecular mechanisms of bone resorption in periodontitis. 2011, University of Zurich, Faculty of Medicine.

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