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Schneebeli-Hermann, E; Kurschner, W M; Hochuli, P A; Ware, D; Weissert, H; Bernasconi, S M; Roohi, G; ur-Rehman, K; Goudemand, N; Bucher, H (2013). Evidence for atmospheric carbon injection during the end-Permian extinction. Geology, 41(5):579-582.

Giorgioni, M; Weissert, H; Bernasconi, S M; Hochuli, P A; Coccioni, R; Keller, C E (2012). Orbital control on carbon cycle and oceanography in the mid-Cretaceous greenhouse. Paleoceanography, 27(PA1204):1-14.

Codron, Daryl; Sponheimer, M; Codron, Jacqueline; Hammer, S; Tschuor, Andreas C; Braun, Ueli; Bernasconi, S M; Clauss, Marcus (2012). Tracking the fate of digesta 13C and 15N compositions along the ruminant gastrointestinal tract: Does digestion influence the relationship between diet and faeces? European Journal of Wildlife Research, 58(1):303-313.

Keller, C E; Hochuli, P A; Weissert, H; Bernasconi, S M; Giorgioni, M; Garcia, T I (2011). A volcanically induced climate warming and floral change preceded the onset of OAE1a (Early Cretaceous). Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, 305:43-49.

Codron, Daryl; Codron, Jacqueline; Sponheimer, M; Bernasconi, S M; Clauss, Marcus (2011). When animals are not quite what they eat: diet digestibility influences 13C-incorporation rates and apparent discrimination in a mixed-feeding herbivore. Canadian Journal of Zoology, 89:453-465.

Hermann, E; Hochuli, P A; Bucher, H; Vigran, J O; Weissert, H; Bernasconi, S M (2010). A close-up view of the Permian–Triassic boundary based on expanded organic carbon isotope records from Norway (Trøndelag and Finnmark Platform). Global and Planetary Change, 74:156-167.

Méhay, S; Keller, C E; Bernasconi, S M; Weissert, H; Erba, E; Bottini, C; Hochuli, P A (2009). A volcanic CO2 pulse triggered the Cretaceous Oceanic Anoxic Event 1a and a biocalcification crisis. Geology, 37(9):819-822.

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