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Hennet, Thierry; Borsig, Lubor (2016). Breastfed at Tiffany's. Trends in Biochemical Sciences, 41(6):508-518.

Broecker, Felix; Hardt, Christopher; Herwig, Ralf; Timmermann, Bernd; Kerick, Martin; Wunderlich, Andrea; Schweiger, Michal R; Borsig, Lubor; Heikenwalder, Mathias; Lehrach, Hans; Moelling, Karin (2016). Transcriptional signature induced by a metastasis-promoting c-Src mutant in a human breast cell line. FEBS Journal, 283(9):1669-1688.

Roblek, Marko; Strutzmann, Elisabeth; Zankl, Christina; Adage, Tiziana; Heikenwalder, Mathias; Atlic, Aid; Weis, Roland; Kungl, Andreas; Borsig, Lubor (2016). Targeting of CCL2-CCR2-glycosaminoglycan axis using a CCL2 decoy protein attenuates metastasis through inhibition of tumor cell seeding. Neoplasia, 18(1):49-59.

Kulig, Paulina; Burkhard, Sara; Mikita-Geoffroy, Joanna; Croxford, Andrew L; Hövelmeyer, Nadine; Gyülveszi, Gabor; Gorzelanny, Christian; Waisman, Ari; Borsig, Lubor; Becher, Burkhard (2016). IL-17A mediated endothelial breach promotes metastasis formation. Cancer immunology research, 4(1):26-32.

Roblek, Marko; Calin, Manuela; Schlesinger, Martin; Stan, Daniela; Zeisig, Reiner; Simionescu, Maya; Bendas, Gerd; Borsig, Lubor (2015). Targeted delivery of CCR2 antagonist to activated pulmonary endothelium prevents metastasis. Journal of Controlled Release, 220(PtA):341-347.

Yang, Yi; Gorzelanny, Christian; Bauer, A T; Halter, Natalia; Komljenovic, D; Bäuerle, T; Borsig, Lubor; Roblek, Marko; Schneider, Stefan (2015). Nuclear heparanase-1 activity suppresses melanoma progression via its DNA-binding affinity. Oncogene, 34:5832-5842.

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Borsig, Lubor (2015). vWF fibers induce thrombosis during cancer. Blood, 125(20):3042-3043.

Gomes, Angelica; Kozlowski, E; Borsig, Lubor; Vlodavsky, I; Pavão, M S G (2015). Antitumor properties of a new non-anticoagulant heparin analog from the mollusk Nodipecten nodosus: effect on P-selectin, heparanase, metastasis and cellular recruitment. Glycobiology, 25(4):386-393.

Calin, Manuela; Stan, Daniela; Schlesinger, Martin; Simion, Viorel; Deleanu, M; Constantinescu, C; Gan, AM; Pirvulescu, M; Butoi, E; Manduteanu, I; Bota, M; Enachescu, M; Borsig, Lubor; Bendas, Gerd; Simionescu, Maya (2015). VCAM-1 directed target-sensitive liposomes carrying CCR2 antagonists bind to activated endothelium and reduce adhesion and transmigration of monocytes. European Journal of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics, 89:18-29.

Müller-Edenborn, Kamila; Léger, Karolin; Glaus Garzon, Jesus F; Oertli, Carole; Mirsaidi, Ali; Richards, Peter J; Rehrauer, Hubert; Spielmann, Patrick; Hoogewijs, David; Borsig, Lubor; Hottiger, Michael O; Wenger, Roland H (2015). Hypoxia attenuates the proinflammatory response in colon cancer cells by regulating IκB. OncoTarget, 6(24):20288-20301.

Hauselmann, Irina; Borsig, Lubor (2014). Altered tumor cell glycosylation promotes metastasis. Frontiers in Oncology:4:28.

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Simon, Manuel; Stefan, Nikolas; Borsig, Lubor; Plückthun, Andreas; Zangemeister-Wittke, Uwe (2014). Increasing the antitumor effect of an EpCAM-targeting fusion toxin by facile click PEGylation. Molecular Cancer Therapeutics, 13(2):375-385.

Kurakevich, Ekaterina; Hennet, Thierry; Hausmann, Martin; Rogler, Gerhard; Borsig, Lubor (2013). Milk oligosaccharide sialyl(α2,3)lactose activates intestinal CD11c+ cells through TLR4. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 110(43):17444-17449.

Heikenwalder, Mathias; Borsig, Lubor (2013). Pathways of metastasizing intestinal cancer cells revealed: How will fighting metastases at the site of cancer cell arrest affect drug development? Future Oncology (London, England), 9(1):4pp.

Müller-Edenborn, Björn; Roth-Z'graggen, Birgit; Bartnicka, Kamila; Borgeat, Alain; Hoos, Alexandra; Borsig, Lubor; Beck-Schimmer, Beatrice (2012). Volatile anesthetics reduce invasion of colorectal cancer cells through down-regulation of matrix metalloproteinase-9. Anesthesiology, 117(2):293-301.

Bendas, Gerd; Borsig, Lubor (2012). Cancer cell adhesion and metastasis. Selectins, integrins and the inhibitory potential of heparins. International Journal of Cell Biology, 2012:676731.

Wolf, Monika Julia; Hoos, Alexandra; Bauer, Judith; Boettcher, Steffen; Knust, Markus; Weber, Achim; Simonavicius, Nicole; Schneider, Christoph; Lang, Matthias; Stürzl, Michael; Croner, Roland S; Konrad, Andreas; Manz, Markus G; Moch, Holger; Aguzzi, Adriano; van Loo, Geert; Pasparakis, Manolis; Prinz, Marco; Borsig, Lubor; Heikenwalder, Mathias (2012). Endothelial CCR2 signaling induced by colon carcinoma cells enables extravasation via the JAK2-Stat5 and p38MAPK pathway. Cancer Cell, 22(1):91-105.

Agorastos, Nikos; Borsig, Lubor; Renard, Anabelle; Antoni, Philipp; Viola, Giampietro; Spingler, Bernhard; Kurz, Philipp; Alberto, Roger (2007). Cell-specific and nuclear targeting with M(CO)(3)](+) (M=Tc-99m, Re)-based complexes conjugated to acridine orange and bombesin. Chemistry - A European Journal, 13(14):3842-3852.

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