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Sheng, M; Gu, L; Kontic, R; Zhouc, Y; Zhengb, K; Chen, G; Mo, X; Patzke, Greta R (2012). Humidity sensing properties of bismuth phosphates. Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, 166-167:642-649.

Gu, L; Zheng, K; Zhou, Y; Li, J; Mo, X; Patzke, Greta R; Chen, G (2011). Humidity sensors based on ZnO/TiO(2) core/shell nanorod arrays with enhanced sensitivity. Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, 159(1):1-7.

Zhou, Y; Zheng, K; Grunwaldt, J D; Fox, T; Gu, L; Mo, X; Chen, G; Patzke, Greta R (2011). W/Mo-Oxide nanomaterials: structure-property relationships and ammonia-sensing studies. Journal of Physical Chemistry. C, 115(4):1134-1142.

Nair, S K; Wang, N; Turuspekov, Y; Pourkheirandish, M; Sinsuwongwat, S; Chen, G; Sameri, M; Tagiri, A; Honda, I; Watanabe, Y; Kanamori, H; Wicker, T; Stein, N; Nagamura, Y; Matsumoto, T; Komatsuda, T (2010). Cleistogamous flowering in barley arises from the suppression of microRNA-guided HvAP2 mRNA cleavage. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS), 107(1):490-495.

Zheng, K; Zhou, Y; Gu, L; Mo, X; Patzke, Greta R; Chen, G (2010). Humidity sensors based on Aurivillius type Bi2MO6 (M = W, Mo) oxide films. Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, 148(1):240-246.

Zhou, Y; Grunwaldt, J D; Krumeich, F; Zheng, K; Chen, G; Stoetzel, J; Frahm, R; Patzke, Greta R (2010). Hydrothermal synthesis of Bi6S2O15 nanowires: structural, in situ EXAFS, and humidity-sensing studies. Small, 6(11):1173-1179.

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