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Britschgi, M; Rufibach, K; Bauer Huang, S L; Clark, C M; Kaye, J A; Li, G; Peskind, E R; Quinn, J F; Galasko, D R; Wyss-Coray, T (2011). Modeling of pathological traits in Alzheimer's disease based on systemic extracellular signaling proteome. Molecular & Cellular Proteomics, 10(10):1-11.

Yu, C E; Bird, T D; Bekris, L M; Montine, T J; Leverenz, J B; Steinbart, E; Galloway, N M; Feldman, H; Woltjer, R; Miller, C A; Wood, E; Grossman, M; McCluskey, L; Clark, C M; Neumann, M; Danek, A; Galasko, D R; Arnold, S E; Chen-Plotkin, A; Karydas, A; Miller, B L; Trojanowski, J Q; Lee, V M Y; Schellenberg, G D; Van Deerlin, V M (2010). The spectrum of mutations in progranulin: a collaborative study screening 545 cases of neurodegeneration. Archives of Neurology, 67(2):161-170.

Geser, F; Martinez-Lage, M; Robinson, J; Uryu, K; Neumann, M; Brandmeir, N J; Xie, S X; Kwong, L K; Elman, L; McCluskey, L; Clark, C M; Malunda, J; Miller, B L; Zimmerman, E A; Qian, J; Van Deerlin, V; Grossman, M; Lee, V M Y; Trojanowski, J Q (2009). Clinical and pathological continuum of multisystem TDP-43 proteinopathies. Archives of Neurology, 66(2):180-189.

Britschgi, M; Olin, C E; Johns, H T; Takeda-Uchimura, Y; LeMieux, M C; Rufibach, K; Rajadas, J; Zhang, H; Tomooka, B; Robinson, W H; Clark, C M; Fagan, A M; Galasko, D R; Holtzman, D M; Jutel, M; Kaye, J A; Lemere, C A; Leszek, J; Li, G; Peskind, E R; Quinn, J F; Yesavage, J A; Ghiso, J A; Wyss-Coray, T (2009). Neuroprotective natural antibodies to assemblies of amyloidogenic peptides decrease with normal aging and advancing Alzheimer's disease. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS), 106(29):12145-50.

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