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Lubomirov, R; Colombo, S; di Iulio, J; Ledergerber, B; Martinez, R; Cavassini, M; Hirschel, B; Bernasconi, E; Elzi, L; Vernazza, P; Furrer, H; Günthard, H F; Telenti, A (2011). Association of pharmacogenetic markers with premature discontinuation of first-line anti-HIV therapy: an observational cohort study. Journal of Infectious Diseases, 203(2):246-257.

Lubomirov, R; di Iulio, J; Fayet, A; Colombo, S; Martinez, R; Marzolini, C; Furrer, H; Vernazza, P; Calmy, A; Cavassini, M; Ledergerber, B; Rentsch, K; Descombes, P; Buclin, Thierry; Decosterd, L A; Csajka, C; Telenti, A (2010). ADME pharmacogenetics: investigation of the pharmacokinetics of the antiretroviral agent lopinavir coformulated with ritonavir. Pharmacogenetics and Genomics, 20(4):217-230.

Rauch, A; Kutalik, Z; Descombes, P; Cai, T; Di Iulio, J; Mueller, T; Bochud, M; Battegay, M; Bernasconi, E; Borovicka, J; Colombo, S; Cerny, A; Dufour, J F; Furrer, H; Günthard, H F; Heim, M; Hirschel, B; Malinverni, R; Moradpour, D; Müllhaupt, B; Witteck, A; Beckmann, J S; Berg, T; Bergmann, S; Negro, F; Telenti, A; Bochud, P Y (2010). Genetic variation in IL28B is associated with chronic hepatitis C and treatment failure: a genome-wide association study. Gastroenterology, 138(4):1338-1338-1345.e7 .

Casado, C; Colombo, S; Rauch, A; Martínez, R; Günthard, H F; Garcia, S; Rodríguez, C; Del Romero, J; Telenti, A; López-Galíndez, C (2010). Host and viral genetic correlates of clinical definitions of HIV-1 disease progression. PLoS ONE, 5(6):e11079.

Fellay, J; Ge, D; Shianna, K V; Colombo, S; Ledergerber, B; Cirulli, E T; Urban, T J; Zhang, K; Gumbs, C E; Smith, J P; Castagna, A; Cozzi-Lepri, A; De Luca, A; Easterbrook, P; Günthard, H F; Mallal, S; Mussini, C; Dalmau, J; Martinez-Picado, J; Miro, J M; Obel, N; Wolinsky, S M; Martinson, J J; Detels, R; Margolick, J B; Jacobson, L P; Descombes, P; Antonarakis, S E; Beckmann, J S; O'Brien, S J; Letvin, N L; McMichael, A J; Haynes, B F; Carrington, M; Feng, S; Telenti, A; Goldstein, D B (2009). Common genetic variation and the control of HIV-1 in humans. PLoS Genetics, 5(12):e1000791.

di Iulio, J; Fayet, A; Arab-Alameddine, M; Rotger, M; Lubomirov, R; Cavassini, M; Furrer, H; Günthard, H F; Colombo, S; Csajka, C; Eap, C B; Decosterd, L A; Telenti, A (2009). In vivo analysis of efavirenz metabolism in individuals with impaired CYP2A6 function. Pharmacogenetics and Genomics, 19(4):300-309.

Colombo, S; Rauch, A; Rotger, M; Fellay, J; Martinez, R; Fux, C; Thurnheer, C; Günthard, H F; Goldstein, D B; Furrer, H; Telenti, A (2008). The HCP5 single-nucleotide polymorphism: a simple screening tool for prediction of hypersensitivity reaction to abacavir. Journal of Infectious Diseases, 198(6):864-867.

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