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Zhang, Bingbing; Umbach, Anja T; Chen, Hong; Yan, Jing; Fakhri, Hajar; Fajol, Abul; Salker, Madhuri S; Spichtig, Daniela; Daryadel, Arezoo; Wagner, Carsten A; Föller, Michael; Lang, Florian (2016). Up-regulation of FGF23 release by aldosterone. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, 470(2):384-390.

Daryadel, Arezoo; Bourgeois, Soline; Figueiredo, Marta F L; Gomes Moreira, Ana; Kampik, Nicole B; Oberli, Lisa; Mohebbi, Nilufar; Lu, Xifeng; Meima, Marcel E; Danser, A H Jan; Wagner, Carsten A (2016). Colocalization of the (Pro)renin receptor/Atp6ap2 with H+-ATPases in mouse kidney but prorenin does not acutely regulate intercalated cell H+-ATPase activity. PLoS ONE, 11(1):e0147831.

Zhang, Bingbing; Yan, Jing; Umbach, Anja T; Fakhri, Hajar; Fajol, Abul; Schmidt, Sebastian; Salker, Madhuri S; Chen, Hong; Alexander, Dorothea; Spichtig, Daniela; Daryadel, Arezoo; Wagner, Carsten A; Föller, Michael; Lang, Florian (2016). NFκB-sensitive Orai1 expression in the regulation of FGF23 release. Journal of Molecular Medicine, 94(5):557-566.

Daryadel, Arezoo; Haubitz, Monika; Figueiredo, Marta; Steubl, Dominik; Roos, Marcel; Mäder, Armin; Hettwer, Stefan; Wagner, Carsten A (2016). The C-Terminal Fragment of Agrin (CAF), a novel marker of renal function, is filtered by the kidney and reabsorbed by the proximal tubule. PLoS ONE, 11(7):e0157905.

Devetzis, Vasilios; Daryadel, Arezoo; Roumeliotis, Stefanos; Theodoridis, Marios; Wagner, Carsten A; Hettwer, Stefan; Huynh-Do, Uyen; Ploumis, Passadakis; Arampatzis, Spyridon (2015). C-Terminal Fragment of Agrin (CAF): A Novel Marker for Progression of Kidney Disease in Type 2 Diabetics. PLoS ONE, 10(12):e0143524.

de Seigneux, Sophie; Courbebaisse, Marie; Rutkowski, Joseph M; Wilhelm-Bals, Alexandra; Metzger, Marie; Khodo, Stellor Nlandu; Hasler, Udo; Chehade, Hassib; Dizin, Eva; Daryadel, Arezoo; Stengel, Bénedicte; Girardin, E; Prié, Dominique; Wagner, Carsten A; Scherer, Philipp E; Martin, Pierre-Yves; Houillier, Pascal; Feraille, Eric (2015). Proteinuria increases plasma phosphate by altering its tubular handling. Journal of the American Society of Nephrology (JASN), 26(7):1608-1618.

Daryadel, Arezoo; Bogdanova, Anna; Gassmann, Max; Mueller, Xavier; Zünd, Gregor; Seifert, Burkhardt; Lehalle, Christine; Frossard, Nelly; Tavakoli, Reza (2014). Multikinase inhibitor sorafenib prevents pressure overload-induced left ventricular hypertrophy in rats by blocking the c-Raf/ERK1/2 signaling pathway. Journal of Cardiothoracic Surgery, 9:81.

Giudici, Luca; Velic, Ana; Daryadel, Arezoo; Bettoni, Carla; Mohebbi, Nilufar; Suply, Thomas; Seuwen, Klaus; Ludwig, Marie-Gabrielle; Wagner, Carsten A (2013). The proton-activated receptor gpr4 modulates glucose homeostasis by increasing insulin sensitivity. Cellular Physiology and Biochemistry, 32(5):1403-1416.

Pathare, Ganesh; Föller, Michael; Daryadel, Arezoo; Mutig, Kerim; Bogatikov, Evgeny; Fajol, Abul; Almilaji, Ahmad; Michael, Diana; Stange, Gerti; Voelkl, Jakob; Wagner, Carsten A; Bachmann, Sebastian; Lang, Florian (2012). OSR1-sensitive renal tubular phosphate reabsorption. Kidney & Blood Pressure Research, 36(1):149-161.

Mohebbi, Nilufar; Benabbas, Chahira; Vidal, Solange; Daryadel, Arezoo; Bourgeois, Soline; Velic, Ana; Ludwig, Marie-Gabrielle; Seuwen, Klaus; Wagner, Carsten A (2012). The proton-activated G protein coupled receptor OGR1 acutely regulates the activity of epithelial proton transport proteins. Cellular Physiology and Biochemistry, 29(3-4):313-324.

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