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Alberti, E; Dell'Endice, F; D'Odorico, P; Hueni, A; Schaepman, Michael E; Meuleman, K; Biesemans, J; Dryemaeker, R; Sterckx, S; Adriaensen, S; Kempenaers, S; Bomans, B; Schläpfer, D; Rezaei, Y (2010). APEX status pt.1: instrument development and performance. In: Hyperspectral Workshop 2010, Frascati, IT, 17 March 2010 - 19 March 2010, 1-6.

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D’Odorico, P; Alberti, E; Dell'Endice, F; Hueni, A; Schaepman, Michael E (2009). Spectral stability monitoring of an imaging spectrometer by means of onboard sources. In: 2009 IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium (IGARSS 2009), Cape Town, South Africa, 12 July 2009 - 17 July 2009, I 72 -I 75.

D'Odorico, P; Alberti, E; Dell'Endice, F; Hueni, A; Itten, K I (2009). An algorithm for tracking APEX spectral stability by means of the In-Flight Characterization facility (IFC). In: 6th EARSeL SIG Workshop on Imaging Spectroscopy, Tel-Aviv, Israel, 16 March 2009 - 19 March 2009.

Itten, K I; Meuleman, K; Schaepman, Michael E; Alberti, E; Bomans, B; Dell'Endice, F; D’Odorico, P; Hueni, A; Kneubühler, M; Nieke, J; Schläpfer, D; Ulbrich, G J (2009). First test results of airborne dispersive pushbroom spectrometer APEX. In: 6th Workshop on Imaging Spectroscopy, Tel Aviv, Israel, 16 March 2009 - 19 March 2009, 1-5.

Hueni, A; Biesemans, J; Meuleman, K; Dell'Endice, F; Schläpfer, D; Odermatt, D; Kneubühler, M; Adriaensen, S; Kempenaers, S; Nieke, J; Itten, K I (2009). Structure, components and interfaces of the Airborne Prism Experiment (APEX) processing and archiving facility. IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing, 47(1, Par):29-43.

Dell'Endice, F; Nieke, J; Koetz, B; Schaepman, Michael E; Itten, K I (2009). Improving radiometry of imaging spectrometers by using programmable spectral regions of interest. ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, 64(6):632 - 639.

Itten, K I; Dell'Endice, F; Hueni, A; Kneubühler, M; Schläpfer, D; Odermatt, D; Seidel, F; Huber, S; Schopfer, J; Kellenberger, T; Bühler, Y; D’Odorico, P; Nieke, J; Alberti, E; Meuleman, K (2008). APEX - the hyperspectral ESA Airborne Prism Experiment. Sensors, 8(10):6235 - 6259.

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Dell'Endice, F; Nieke, J; Brazile, J; Schläpfer, D; Hueni, A; Itten, K (2007). Automatic calibration and correction scheme for APEX (Airborne Prism Experiment). In: 5th EARSeL SIG IS Workshop on "Imaging spectroscopy: innovation in environmental research", Bruges, Belgium, 23 April 2007 - 25 April 2007, published online.

Dell'Endice, F; Nieke, J; Schläpfer, D; Itten, K I (2007). Scene-based method for spatial misregistration detection in hyperspectral imagery. Applied Optics, 46(15):2803-2816.

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