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Grabmaier, U; Kania, G; Kreiner, J; Grabmeier, J; Uhl, A; Huber, B C; Lackermair, K; Herbach, N; Todica, A; Eriksson, U; Weckbach, L T; Brunner, S (2016). Soluble Vascular Cell Adhesion Molecule-1 (VCAM-1) as a Biomarker in the Mouse Model of Experimental Autoimmune Myocarditis (EAM). PLoS ONE, 11(8):e0158299.

Blyszczuk, P; Germano, D; Stein, S; Moch, H; Matter, C M; Beck-Schimmer, B; Lüscher, T F; Eriksson, U; Kania, G (2011). Profibrotic potential of Prominin-1+ epithelial progenitor cells in pulmonary fibrosis. Respiratory Research, 12:126.

Germano, D; Blyszczuk, P; Valaperti, A; Kania, G; Dirnhofer, S; Landmesser, U; Lüscher, T F; Hunziker, L; Zulewski, H; Eriksson, U (2009). Prominin-1/CD133+ lung epithelial progenitors protect from bleomycin-induced pulmonary fibrosis. American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, 179(10):939-949.

Kania, G; Blyszczuk, P; Stein, S; Valaperti, A; Germano, D; Dirnhofer, S; Hunziker, L; Matter, C M; Eriksson, U (2009). Heart-infiltrating prominin-1+/CD133+ progenitor cells represent the cellular source of transforming growth factor beta-mediated cardiac fibrosis in experimental autoimmune myocarditis. Circulation Research, 105(5):462-470.

Blyszczuk, P; Kania, G; Dieterle, T; Marty, R R; Valaperti, A; Berthonneche, C; Pedrazzini, T; Berger, C T; Dirnhofer, S; Matter, C M; Penninger, J M; Lüscher, T F; Eriksson, U (2009). Myeloid differentiation factor-88/interleukin-1 signaling controls cardiac fibrosis and heart failure progression in inflammatory dilated cardiomyopathy. Circulation Research, 105(9):912-920.

Blyszczuk, P; Valaperti, A; Eriksson, U (2008). Future therapeutic strategies in inflammatory cardiomyopathy: insights from the experimental autoimmune myocarditis model. Cardiovascular and Hematolgical Disorders, 8(4):297-305.

Kania, G; Blyszczuk, P; Valaperti, A; Dieterle, T; Leimenstoll, B; Dirnhofer, S; Zulewski, H; Eriksson, U (2008). Prominin-1+/CD133+ bone marrow-derived heart-resident cells suppress experimental autoimmune myocarditis. Cardiovascular Research, 80(2):236-245.

Valaperti, A; Marty, R R; Kania, G; Germano, D; Mauermann, N; Dirnhofer, S; Leimenstoll, B; Blyszczuk, P; Dong, C; Mueller, C B; Hunziker, L; Eriksson, U (2008). CD11b+ monocytes abrogate Th17 CD4+ T cell-mediated experimental autoimmune myocarditis. Journal of Immunology, 180(4):2686-2695.

Mauermann, N; Burian, J; von Garnier, C; Dirnhofer, S; Germano, D; Schuette, C; Tamm, M; Bingisser, R; Eriksson, U; Hunziker, L (2008). Interferon-gamma regulates idiopathic pneumonia syndrome, a Th17+CD4+ T-cell-mediated graft-versus-host disease. American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, 178(4):379-388.

Munk, V C; Sanchez de Miguel, L; Petrimpol, M; Butz, N; Banfi, A; Eriksson, U; Hein, L; Humar, R; Battegay, E J (2007). Angiotensin II Induces Angiogenesis in the Hypoxic Adult Mouse Heart In Vitro Through an AT2-B2 Receptor Pathway. Hypertension, 49(5):1178-1185.

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