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Hernando, N; Forgo, J; Biber, J; Murer, H (2000). PTH-Induced downregulation of the type IIa Na/P(i)-cotransporter is independent of known endocytic motifs. Journal of the American Society of Nephrology (JASN), 11(11):1961-1968.

Hernando, N; Sheikh, S; Karim-Jimenez, Z; Galliker, H; Forgo, J; Biber, J; Murer, H (2000). Asymmetrical targeting of type II Na-P(i) cotransporters in renal and intestinal epithelial cell lines. American Journal of Physiology: Renal Physiology, 278(3):F361-F368.

Jehle, A W; Forgo, J; Biber, J; Lederer, E; Krapf, R; Murer, H (1997). Acid-induced stimulation of Na-Pi cotransport in OK cells: molecular characterization and effect of dexamethasone. American Journal of Physiology: Renal Physiology, 273(3 Pt 2):F396-F403.

Pfister, M F; Lederer, E; Forgo, J; Ziegler, U; Lötscher, M; Quabius, E S; Biber, J; Murer, H (1997). Parathyroid hormone-dependent degradation of type II Na+/Pi cotransporters. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 272(32):20125-20130.

Helmle-Kolb, C; Di Sole, F; Forgo, J; Hilfiker, H; Tse, C M; Casavola, V; Donowitz, M; Murer, H (1997). Regulation of the transfected Na+/H+-exchanger NHE3 in MDCK cells by vasotocin. Pflügers Archiv: European Journal of Physiology (Pflugers Archiv), 434(1):123-131.

Mora, C; Chillarón, J; Calonge, M J; Forgo, J; Testar, X; Nunes, V; Murer, H; Zorzano, A; Palacín, M (1996). The rBAT gene is responsible for L-cystine uptake via the b0,(+)-like amino acid transport system in a "renal proximal tubular" cell line (OK cells). Journal of Biological Chemistry, 271(18):10569-10576.

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