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Lazard, D S; Vincent, C; Venail, F; Van de Heyning, P; Truy, E; Sterkers, O; Skarzynski, P H; Skarzynski, H; Schauwers, K; O'Leary, S; Mawman, D; Maat, B; Kleine-Punte, A; Huber, A M; Green, K; Govaerts, P J; Fraysse, B; Dowell, R; Dillier, N; Burke, E; Beynon, A; Bergeron, F; Başkent, D; Artières, F; Blamey, P J (2012). Pre-, Per- and Postoperative Factors Affecting Performance of Postlinguistically Deaf Adults Using Cochlear Implants: A New Conceptual Model over Time. PLoS ONE, 7(11):e48739.

Cafarelli Dees, D; Dillier, N; Lai, W K; von Wallenberg, E; van Dijk, B; Akdas, F; Aksit, M; Batman, C; Beynon, A; Burdo, S; Chanal, J-M; Collet, L; Conway, M; Coudert, C; Craddock, L; Cullington, H; Deggouj, N; Fraysse, B; Grabel, S; Kiefer, J; Kiss, J G; Lenarz, T; Mair, A; Maune, S; Müller-Deile, J; Piron, J-P; Razza, S; Tasche, C; Thai-Van, H; Toth, F; Truy, E; Uziel, A; Smoorenburg, G F (2005). Normative findings of electrically evoked compound action potential measurements using the neural response telemetry of the Nucleus CI24M cochlear implant system. Audiology and Neurotology, 10(2):105-116.

James, C; Albegger, K; Battmer, R; Burdo, S; Deggouj, N; Deguine, O; Dillier, N; Gersdorff, M; Laszig, R; Lenarz, T; Rodriguez, M M; Mondain, M; Offeciers, E; Macías, A R; Ramsden, R; Sterkers, O; Von Wallenberg, E; Weber, B; Fraysse, B (2005). Preservation of residual hearing with cochlear implantation: how and why. Acta Oto-Laryngologica, 125(5):481-491.

Snik, A F; Mylanus, E A; Cremers, C W; Dillier, N; Fisch, U; Gnadeberg, D; Lenarz, T; Mazolli, M; Babighian, G; Uziel, A S; Cooper, H R; O'Connor, A F; Fraysse, B; Charachon, R; Shehata-Dieler, W E (2001). Multicenter audiometric results with the Vibrant Soundbridge, a semi-implantable hearing device for sensorineural hearing impairment. Otolaryngologic Clinics of North America, 34(2):373-388.

Fraysse, B; Dillier, N; Klenzner, T; Laszig, R; Manrique, M; Morera Perez, C; Morgon, A H; Müller-Deile, J; Ramos Macias, A (1998). Cochlear implants for adults obtaining marginal benefit from acoustic amplification: a European study. American Journal of Otology, 19(5):591-597.

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