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Böker, H; Himmighoffen, H (2013). Evidenzbasierte psychodynamische Ansätze in der Behandlung depressiver Störungen. In: Freitag, C M; Barocka, A; Fehr, C; Gruber, M; Hampel, H. Depressive Störungen über die Lebensspanne. Ätiologie, Diagnostik und Therapie. Stuttgart: Kohlhammer Verlag, 137-170.

Juckel, G; Clotz, F; Frodl, T; Kawohl, W; Hampel, H; Pogarell, O; Hegerl, U (2008). Diagnostic usefulness of cognitive auditory event-related p300 subcomponents in patients with Alzheimers disease? Journal of Clinical Neurophysiology, 25(3):147-152.

Wiltfang, J; Lewczuk, P; Riederer, P; Grünblatt, E; Hock, C; Scheltens, P; Hampel, H; Vanderstichele, H; Iqbal, K; Galasko, D; Lannfelt, L; Otto, M; Esselmann, H; Henkel, A W; Kornhuber, J; Blennow, K (2005). Consensus paper of the WFSBP task force on biological markers of dementia: the role of CSF and blood analysis in the early and differential diagnosis of dementia. World Journal of Biological Psychiatry, 6(2):69-84.

Bagli, M; Papassotiropoulos, A; Hampel, H; Becker, K; Jessen, F; Bürger, K; Ptok, U; Rao, M L; Möller, H J; Maier, W; Heun, R (2003). Polymorphisms of the gene encoding the inflammatory cytokine interleukin-6 determine the magnitude of the increase in soluble interleukin-6 receptor levels in Alzheimer's disease. Results of a pilot study. European Archives of Psychiatry and Clinical Neuroscience, 253(1):44-48.

Hock, C; Maddalena, A; Raschig, A; Müller-Spahn, F; Eschweiler, G; Hager, K; Heuser, I; Hampel, H; Müller-Thomsen, T; Oertel, W; Wienrich, M; Signorell, A; Gonzalez-Agosti, C; Nitsch, R M (2003). Treatment with the selective muscarinic m1 agonist talsaclidine decreases cerebrospinal fluid levels of A beta 42 in patients with Alzheimer's disease. Amyloid, 10(1):1-6.

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