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Niegisch, G; Retz, M; Thalgott, M; Balabanov, S; Honecker, F; Ohlmann, C H; Stöckle, M; Bögemann, M; Vom Dorp, F; Gschwend, J; Hartmann, A; Ohmann, C; Albers, P (2015). Second-Line Treatment of Advanced Urothelial Cancer with Paclitaxel and Everolimus in a German Phase II Trial (AUO Trial AB 35/09). Oncology, 89(2):70-78.

Kirovski, G; Stevens, A P; Czech, B; Dettmer, K; Weiss, T S; Wild, P; Hartmann, A; Bosserhoff, A K; Oefner, P J; Hellerbrand, C (2011). Down-regulation of methylthioadenosine phosphorylase (MTAP) induces progression of hepatocellular carcinoma via accumulation of 5'-deoxy-5'-methylthioadenosine (MTA). American Journal of Pathology, 178(3):1145-1152.

Nordentoft, I; Dyrskjøt, L; Bødker, J S; Wild, P J; Hartmann, A; Bertz, S; Lehmann, J; Orntoft, T F; Birkenkamp-Demtroder, K (2011). Increased expression of transcription factor TFAP2α correlates with chemosensitivity in advanced bladder cancer. BMC Cancer, 11:135.

Mortezavi, A; Hermanns, T; Seifert, H H; Baumgartner, M; Provenzano, M; Sulser, T; Burger, M; Montani, M; Ikenberg, K; Hofstaedter, F; Hartmann, A; Jaggi, R; Moch, H; Kristiansen, G; Wild, P J (2011). KPNA2 expression is an independent adverse predictor of biochemical recurrence after radical prostatectomy. Clinical Cancer Research, 17(5):1111-1121.

Otto, W; Fritsche, H M; Wild, P J; Wieland, W F; Hartmann, A; Burger, M; Hofstädter, F; Denzinger, S (2011). Serine threonine kinase 15 amplification in normal urothelium of cystectomy specimens is no prognostic factor in urothelial carcinoma of the bladder. Pathology, Research and Practice, 207(3):161-163.

Gluz, O; Wild, P; Liedtke, C; Kates, R; Mendrik, H; Ehm, E; Artinger, V; Diallo-Danebrock, R; Ting, E; Mohrmann, S; Poremba, C; Harbeck, N; Nitz, U; Hartmann, A; Gaumann, A (2011). Tumor angiogenesis as prognostic and predictive marker for chemotherapy dose-intensification efficacy in high-risk breast cancer patients within the WSG AM-01 trial. Breast Cancer Research and Treatment, 126(3):643-651.

Meyer, S; Vogt, T; Landthaler, M; Berand, A; Reichle, A; Bataille, F; Marx, A H; Menz, A; Hartmann, A; Kunz-Schughart, L A; Wild, P J (2010). Cyclooxygenase 2 (COX2) and peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma (PPARG) are stage-dependent prognostic markers of malignant melanoma. PPAR research, 2010:848645.

Nawroth, R; Hartmann, A; Wild, P; Lehmann, J; Stöhr, R; Gschwend, J E; Retz, M (2010). EMMPRIN (CD147). Ein prognostischer und potenzieller therapeutischer Marker im Urothelkarzinom. Der Pathologe, 31(Sup 2):251-254.

Schimanski, S; Wild, P J; Treeck, O; Horn, F; Sigruener, A; Rudolph, C; Blaszyk, H; Klinkhammer-Schalke, M; Ortmann, O; Hartmann, A; Schmitz, G (2010). Expression of the lipid transporters ABCA3 and ABCA1 is diminished in human breast cancer tissue. Hormone and Metabolic Research = Hormon- und Stoffwechselforschung = Hormones et métabolisme, 42(2):102-109.

Owen, H C; Giedl, J; Wild, P J; Fine, S W; Humphrey, P A; Dehner, L P; Amin, M B; Epstein, J I; Blaszyk, H; Hughes, D; Hartmann, A; Stoehr, R; Catto, J W (2010). Low frequency of epigenetic events in urothelial tumors in young patients. The Journal of Urology, 184(2):459-463.

Hoffmann, A C; Wild, P J; Leicht, C; Bertz, S; Danenberg, K D; Danenberg, P V; Stöhr, R; Stöckle, M; Lehmann, J; Schuler, M; Hartmann, A (2010). MDR1 and ERCC1 expression predict outcome of patients with locally advanced bladder cancer receiving adjuvant chemotherapy. Neoplasia, 12(8):628-636.

May, M; Brookman-Amissah, S; Roigas, J; Hartmann, A; Störkel, S; Kristiansen, G; Gilfrich, C; Borchardt, R; Hoschke, B; Kaufmann, O; Gunia, S (2010). Prognostic accuracy of individual uropathologists in noninvasive urinary bladder carcinoma: a multicentre study comparing the 1973 and 2004 World Health Organisation classifications. European Urology, 57(5):850-858.

Gnädinger, M; Doenecke, C; Chlibec, T; Hartmann, A; Pfister, M (2009). Nächtliche Abdeckung des hausärztlichen Notfalldienstes durch das Akutspital Teil 2: Die Sicht des Spitals. PrimaryCare, (13):239-241.

Gnädinger, M; Chlibec, T; Doenecke, C; Pfister, M; Hartmann, A (2009). Nächtliche Abdeckung des hausärztlichen Notfalldienstes durch das Akutspital. Teil 1: Die Sicht der Hausärztinnen und Hausärzte. PrimaryCare, (12):224-226.

Wild, P J; Fuchs, T; Stoehr, R; Zimmermann, D; Frigerio, S; Padberg, B; Steiner, I; Zwarthoff, E C; Burger, M; Denzinger, S; Hofstaedter, F; Kristiansen, G; Hermanns, T; Seifert, H H; Provenzano, M; Sulser, T; Roth, V; Buhmann, J M; Moch, H; Hartmann, A (2009). Detection of Urothelial Bladder Cancer Cells in Voided Urine Can Be Improved by a Combination of Cytology and Standardized Microsatellite Analysis. Cancer Epidemiology Biomarkers & Prevention, 18(6):1798-1806.

Weiss, G; Cottrell, S; Distler, J; Schatz, P; Kristiansen, G; Ittmann, M; Haefliger, C; Lesche, R; Hartmann, A; Corman, J; Wheeler, T (2009). DNA methylation of the PITX2 gene promoter region is a strong independent prognostic marker of biochemical recurrence in patients with prostate cancer after radical prostatectomy. The Journal of Urology, 181(4):1678-1685.

Schmid, M; Iversen, C; Gontia, I; Stephan, R; Hofmann, A; Hartmann, A; Jha, B; Eberl, L; Riedel, K; Lehner, A (2009). Evidence for a plant associated natural habitat of Cronobacter spp. Research in Microbiology, 160(8):608-614.

Eltze, E; Wild, P J; Wülfing, C; Zwarthoff, E C; Burger, M; Stoehr, R; Korsching, E; Hartmann, A (2009). Expression of the endothelin axis in noninvasive and superficially invasive bladder cancer: relation to clinicopathologic and molecular prognostic parameters. European Urology, 56(5):837-847.

Otto, W; Denzinger, S; Bertz, S; Gaumann, A; Wild, P J; Hartmann, A; Stoehr, R (2009). No mutations of FGFR3 in normal urothelium in the vicinity of urothelial carcinoma of the bladder harbouring activating FGFR3 mutations in patients with bladder cancer. International Journal of Cancer, 125(9):2205-2208.

Dahl, E; En-Nia, A; Wiesmann, F; Krings, R; Djudjaj, S; Breuer, E; Fuchs, T; Wild, P J; Hartmann, A; Dunn, S E; Mertens, P R (2009). Nuclear detection of Y-box protein-1 (YB-1) closely associates with progesterone receptor negativity and is a strong adverse survival factor in human breast cancer. BMC Cancer, 9:410.

Veeck, J; Wild, P J; Fuchs, T; Schüffler, P J; Hartmann, A; Knüchel, R; Dahl, E (2009). Prognostic relevance of Wnt-inhibitory factor-1 (WIF1) and Dickkopf-3 (DKK3) promoter methylation in human breast cancer. BMC Cancer, 9:217.

Catto, J W F; Abbod, M F; Wild, P J; Linkens, D A; Pilarsky, C; Rehman, I; Rosario, D J; Denzinger, S; Burger, M; Stoehr, R; Knuechel, R; Hartmann, A; Hamdy, F C (2009). The application of artificial intelligence to microarray data: identification of a novel gene signature to identify bladder cancer progression. European Urology, 57(3):398-406.

Baumhoer, D; Riener, M O; Zlobec, I; Tornillo, L; Vogetseder, A; Kristiansen, G; Dietmaier, W; Hartmann, A; Wuensch, P H; Sessa, F; Ruemmele, P; Terracciano, L M (2008). Expression of CD24, P-cadherin and S100A4 in tumors of the ampulla of Vater. Modern Pathology, 22:306-313.

Rothballer, M; Eckert, B; Schmidt, M; Fekete, A; Schloter, M; Lehner, A; Pollmann, S; Hartmann, A (2008). Endophytic root colonization of gramineous plants by Herbaspirillum frisingense. FEMS Microbiology Ecology, (66):85-95.

Fritzsche, F R; Jung, M; Tölle, A; Wild, P; Hartmann, A; Wassermann, K; Rabien, A; Lein, M; Dietel, M; Pilarsky, C; Calvano, D; Grützmann, R; Jung, K; Kristiansen, G (2008). ADAM9 expression is a significant and independent prognostic marker of PSA relapse in prostate cancer. European Urology, 54(5):1097-1108.

Sassen, A; Rochon, J; Wild, P; Hartmann, A; Hofstaedter, F; Schwarz, S; Brockhoff, G (2008). Cytogenetic analysis of HER1/EGFR, HER2, HER3 and HER4 in 278 breast cancer patients. Breast Cancer Research, 10:R2:1-13.

Gaumann, A; Bode-Lesniewska, B; Zimmermann, D R; Fanburg-Smith, J C; Kirkpatrick, C J; Hofstädter, F; Woenckhaus, M; Stoehr, R; Obermann, E C; Dietmaier, W; Hartmann, A (2008). Exploration of the APC/beta-catenin (WNT) pathway and a histologic classification system for pulmonary artery intimal sarcoma: a study of 18 cases. Virchows Archiv, 453(5):473-484.

Hamm, A; Veeck, J; Bektas, N; Wild, P J; Hartmann, A; Heindrichs, U; Kristiansen, G; Werbowetski-Ogilvie, T; Del Maestro, R; Knuechel, R; Dahl, E (2008). Frequent expression loss of Inter-alpha-trypsin inhibitor heavy chain (ITIH) genes in multiple human solid tumors: a systematic expression analysis. BMC Cancer, 8:25.

Harbeck, N; Nimmrich, I; Hartmann, A; Ross, J S; Cufer, T; Grützmann, R; Kristiansen, G; Paradiso, A; Hartmann, O; Margossian, A; Martens, J; Schwope, I; Lukas, A; Müller, V; Milde-Langosch, K; Nährig, J; Foekens, J; Maier, S; Schmitt, M; Lesche, R (2008). Multicenter study using paraffin-embedded tumor tissue testing PITX2 DNA methylation as a marker for outcome prediction in tamoxifen-treated, node-negative breast cancer patients. Journal of Clinical Oncology, 26(31):5036-5042.

Gluz, O; Wild, P; Meiler, R; Diallo-Danebrock, R; Ting, E; Mohrmann, S; Schuett, G; Dahl, E; Fuchs, T; Herr, A; Gaumann, A; Frick, M; Poremba, C; Nitz, U A; Hartmann, A (2008). Nuclear karyopherin alpha2 expression predicts poor survival in patients with advanced breast cancer irrespective of treatment intensity. International Journal of Cancer, 123(6):1433-1438.

Burger, M; van der Aa, M N M; van Oers, J M M; Brinkmann, A; van der Kwast, T H; Steyerberg, E C; Stoehr, R; Kirkels, W J; Denzinger, S; Wild, P J; Wieland, W F; Hofstaedter, F; Hartmann, A; Zwarthoff, E C (2008). Prediction of progression of non-muscle-invasive bladder cancer by WHO 1973 and 2004 grading and by FGFR3 mutation status: a prospective study. European Urology, 54(4):835-844.

Veeck, J; Chorovicer, M; Naami, A; Breuer, E; Zafrakas, M; Bektas, N; Dürst, M; Kristiansen, G; Wild, P J; Hartmann, A; Knuechel, R; Dahl, E (2008). The extracellular matrix protein ITIH5 is a novel prognostic marker in invasive node-negative breast cancer and its aberrant expression is caused by promoter hypermethylation. Oncogene, 27(6):865-876.

Hellerbrand, C; Amann, T; Schlegel, J; Wild, P; Bataille, F; Spruss, T; Hartmann, A; Bosserhoff, A K (2008). The novel gene MIA2 acts as a tumour suppressor in hepatocellular carcinoma. Gut, 57(2):243-251.

Bektas, N; Noetzel, E; Veeck, J; Press, M F; Kristiansen, G; Naami, A; Hartmann, A; Dimmler, A; Beckmann, M W; Knüchel, R; Fasching, P A; Dahl, E (2008). The ubiquitin-like molecule interferon-stimulated gene 15 (ISG15) is a potential prognostic marker in human breast cancer. Breast Cancer Research, 10(R58):4.

Bektas, N; Haaf, A; Veeck, J; Wild, P J; Lüscher-Firzlaff, J; Hartmann, A; Knüchel, R; Dahl, E (2008). Tight correlation between expression of the Forkhead transcription factor FOXM1 and HER2 in human breast cancer. BMC Cancer, 8:42.

de Bruin, E D; Hartmann, A; Uebelhart, D; Murer, K; Zijlstra, W (2008). Wearable systems for monitoring mobility-related activities in older people: a systematic review. Clinical Rehabilitation, 22(10-11):878-895.

Veeck, J; Bektas, N; Hartmann, A; Kristiansen, G; Heindrichs, U; Knüchel, R; Dahl, E (2008). Wnt signalling in human breast cancer: expression of the putative Wnt inhibitor Dickkopf-3 (DKK3) is frequently suppressed by promoter hypermethylation in mammary tumours. Breast Cancer Research, 10 (5):1-11.

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