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Braun, Ueli; Warislohner, Sonja; Hetzel, Udo; Nuss, Karl (2017). Case report: clinical and postmortem findings in four cows with rib fracture. BMC Research Notes, 10(1):85.

Keller, Saskia; Hetzel, Udo; Sironen, T; Korzyukov, Y; Vapalahti, O; Kipar, Anja; Hepojoki, Jussi (2017). Co-Infecting reptarenaviruses can be vertically transmitted in Boa Constrictor. PLoS Pathogens, 13(1):e1006179.

Dervas, Eva; Hepojoki, Jussi; Laimbacher, Andrea; Romero-Palomo, Fernando; Jelinek, Christine; Keller, Saskia; Smura, Teemu; Hepojoki, Satu; Kipar, Anja; Hetzel, Udo (2017). Nidovirus-Associated proliferative pneumonia in the green tree python (Morelia viridis). Journal of Virology, 91(21):e00718-17.

Stadler, Silvia; Dennler, Matthias; Hetzel, Udo; Del Chicca, Francesca; Hoey, Sèamus; Spiess, Bernhard M; Pot, Simon A (2017). Sub-Tenon's injection in equine cadaver eyes: MRI visualization of anesthetic fluid distribution and comparison of two different volumes. Veterinary Ophthalmology, 20(6):488-495.

Ressel, L; Hetzel, Udo; Ricci, E (2016). Blunt force trauma in veterinary forensic pathology. Veterinary Pathology, 53(5):941-961.

Korzyukov, Yegor; Hetzel, Udo; Kipar, Anja; Vapalahti, Olli; Hepojoki, Jussi (2016). Generation of anti-boa immunoglobulin antibodies for serodiagnostic applications, and their use to detect anti-reptarenavirus antibodies in boa constrictor. PLoS ONE, 11(6):e0158417.

Fonfara, Sonja; Hetzel, Udo; Hahn, Shelley; Kipar, Anja (2015). Age- and gender-dependent myocardial transcription patterns of cytokines and extracellular matrix remodelling enzymes in cats with non-cardiac diseases. Experimental Gerontology, 72:117-123.

Martinez, Rosa Maria; Hetzel, Udo; Thali, Michael J; Schweitzer, Wolf (2015). Cat CAT-Scan: Postmortem Imaging and autopsy of two cats. Journal of Forensic Radiology and Imaging, 3(1):80-86.

Nordgren, Heli; Aaltonen, Kirsi; Sironen, Tarja; Kinnunen, Paula M; Kivistö, Ilkka; Raunio-Saarnisto, Mirja; Moisander-Jylhä, Anna-Maria; Korpela, Johanna; Kokkonen, Ulla-Maija; Hetzel, Udo; Sukura, Antti; Vapalahti, Olli (2014). Characterization of a new epidemic necrotic pyoderma in fur animals and its association with arcanobacterium phocae infection. PLoS ONE, 9(10):e110210.

Darke, Sabina; Marschang, Rachel E; Hetzel, Udo; Reinacher, Manfred (2014). Experimental infection of boa constrictor with an orthoreovirus isolated from a snake with inclusion body disease. Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine, 45(2):433-436.

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