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Schlinkmann, K M; Honegger, A; Tureci, E; Robison, K E; Lipovsek, D; Pluckthun, A (2012). Critical features for biosynthesis, stability, and functionality of a G protein-coupled receptor uncovered by all-versus-all mutations. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS), 109(25):9810-9815.

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Rothe, C; Urlinger, S; Löhning, C; Prassler, J; Stark, Y; Jäger, U; Hubner, B; Bardroff, M; Pradel, I; Boss, M; Bittlingmaier, R; Bataa, T; Frisch, C; Brocks, B; Honegger, A; Urban, M (2008). The human combinatorial antibody library HuCAL GOLD combines diversification of all six CDRs according to the natural immune system with a novel display method for efficient selection of high-affinity antibodies. Journal of Molecular Biology, 376(4):1182-1200.

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