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Nyati, Shyam; Scherrer, Sandra; Werth, Silke; Honegger, Rosmarie (2014). Green-algal photobiont diversity (Trebouxia spp.) in representatives of Teloschistaceae (Lecanoromycetes, lichen-forming ascomycetes). The Lichenologist, 46(02):189-212.

Honegger, Rosmarie; Axe, Lindsey; Edwards, Dianne (2013). Bacterial epibionts and endolichenic actinobacteria and fungi in the Lower Devonian lichen Chlorolichenomycites salopensis. Fungal Biology, 117(7-8):512-518.

Edwards, Dianne; Axe, Lindsey; Honegger, Rosmarie (2013). Contributions to the diversity in cryptogamic covers in the mid-Palaeozoic: Nematothallus revisited. Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society, 173(4):505-534.

Nyati, Shyam; Werth, Silke; Honegger, Rosmarie (2013). Genetic diversity of sterile cultured Trebouxia photobionts associated with the lichen-forming fungus Xanthoria parietina visualized with RAPD-PCR fingerprinting techniques. The Lichenologist, 45(06):825-840.

Nyati, Shyam; Bhattacharya, Debashish; Werth, Silke; Honegger, Rosmarie (2013). Phylogenetic analysis of LSU and SSU rDNA group I introns of lichen photobionts associated with the genera Xanthoria and Xanthomendoza (Teloschistaceae, lichenized Ascomycetes). Journal of Phycology, 49(6):1154-1166.

Honegger, Rosmarie; Edwards, Dianne; Axe, Lindsey (2013). The earliest records of internally stratified cyanobacterial and algal lichens from the Lower Devonian of the Welsh Borderland. New Phytologist, 197(1):264-275.

Honegger, Rosmarie (2012). Differential gene expression within the cyanobacterial cell population of a lichen thallus. New Phytologist, 196(3):657-660.

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