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Dreier, B; Mikheeva, G; Belousova, N; Parizek, P; Boczek, E; Jelesarov, I; Forrer, P; Plückthun, A; Krasnykh, V (2011). Her2-specific multivalent adapters confer designed tropism to adenovirus for gene targeting. Journal of Molecular Biology, 405(2):410-426.

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Shalaby, T; et al; Nagasawa, K; Jelesarov, I (2010). Disabling c-Myc in Childhood Medulloblastoma and Atypical Teratoid/Rhabdoid Tumor Cells by the Potent G-Quadruplex Interactive Agent S2T1-6OTD. Molecular Cancer Therapeutics, 9(1):167-169.

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Jelesarov, I; Karshikoff, A (2008). Meet to fold: the peculiar folding of oligomeric proteins. Biotechnology and Biotechnological Equipment, 22(1):598-605.

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