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Härmä, Harri; Tong-Ochoa, Natalia; van Adrichem, Arjan J; Jelesarov, Ilian; Wennerberg, Krister; Kopra, Kari (2018). Toward universal protein post-translational modification detection in high throughput format. Chemical Communications, 54(23):2910-2913.

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Samatanga, Brighton; Dominguez, Cyril; Jelesarov, Ilian; Allain, Frédéric H-T (2013). The high kinetic stability of a G-quadruplex limits hnRNP F qRRM3 binding to G-tract RNA. Nucleic Acids Research, 41(4):2505-2516.

Bloem, Robbert; Koziol, Klemens; Waldauer, Steven A; Buchli, Brigitte; Walser, Reto; Samatanga, Brighton; Jelesarov, Ilian; Hamm, Peter (2012). Ligand Binding Studied by 2D IR Spectroscopy Using the Azidohomoalanine Label. Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 116(46):13705-13712.

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