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Haug, Severin; Biedermann, A; Ulbricht, S; John, U (2015). Individualised Parent Counselling in Paediatric Practices for the Reduction of Second-Hand Smoke Exposure of their Children: A Feasibility Study. Gesundheitswesen, 77(05):374-381.

Lucht, M J; Hoffman, L; Haug, Severin; Meyer, C; Pussehl, D; Quellmalz, A; Klauer, T; Grabe, H J; Freyberger, H J; John, U; Schomerus, G (2014). Mobiltelefonische Interventionen nach Entzugsbehandlung alkoholabhängiger Patienten. Suchtmedizin in Forschung und Praxis, 16(4):181-186.

Haug, Severin; Schaub, Michael P; Venzin, V; Meyer, C; John, U; Gmel, Gerhard (2013). A pre-post study on the appropriateness and effectiveness of a web- and text messaging-based intervention to reduce problem drinking in emerging adults. Journal of Medical Internet Research, 15(9):e196.

Haug, Severin; Schaub, Michael P; Venzin, V; Meyer, C; John, U (2013). Differenzielle Wirksamkeit eines Short Message Service (SMS)-basierten Programms zur Förderung des Rauchstopps bei Jugendlichen. Psychiatrische Praxis, 40(6):339-346.

Haug, Severin; Bitter, G; Hanke, M; Ulbricht, S; Meyer, C; John, U (2013). Kurzintervention zur Förderung der Tabakabstinenz via Short message Service (SMS) bei Auszubildenden an beruflichen Schulen: Longitudinale Interventionsstudie zur Ergebnis- und Prozessevaluation. Das Gesundheitswesen, 75:625-631.

Haug, Severin; Schaub, Michael P; Salis Gross, Corina; John, U; Meyer, C (2013). Predictors of hazardous drinking, tobacco smoking and physical inactivity in vocational school students. BMC Public Health, 13:475.

Hanke, M; Ulbricht, S; Freyer-Adam, J; John, U; Meyer, C; Haug, Severin (2013). Tabakrauchen und Alkoholkonsum bei Auszubildenden an beruflichen Schulen in Vorpommern. Das Gesundheitswesen, 75(04):216-224.

Haug, Severin; Meyer, C; Dymalski, Andrea; Lippke, S; John, U (2012). Efficacy of a text messaging (SMS) based smoking cessation intervention for adolescents and young adults: Study protocol of a cluster randomised controlled trial. BMC Public Health, 12:51.

Haug, Severin; Sannemann, J; Meyer, C; John, U (2012). Reduktion des Alkoholkonsums und Förderung der Rauchabstinenz bei Jugendlichen und jungen Erwachsenen mittels Internet und Mobiltelefon: ein Literaturüberblick. Gesundheitswesen, 74(03):160-177.

Haug, Severin; Meyer, C; John, U (2011). Efficacy of an internet program for smoking cessation during and after inpatient rehabilitation treatment: a quasi-randomized controlled trial. Addictive Behaviors, 36(12):1369-1372.

Haug, Severin; Ulbricht, S; Hanke, M; Meyer, C; John, U (2011). Overestimation of drinking norms and its association with alcohol consumption in apprentices. Alcohol and Alcoholism, 46(2):204-209.

Ulbricht, S; Klein, G; Meyer, C; Haug, Severin; Gross, B; Rumpf, H J; John, U (2011). Smokers' expectations towards the engagement of their general practitioner in discussing livestyle behaviours. Journal of Health Communication, 16(2):135-147.

Klein, G; Ulbricht, S; Haug, Severin; Gross, B; Rumpf, H J; John, U; Meyer, C (2010). Effects of practitioner-delivered brief counseling and computer-generated tailored letters on cigarettes per day among smokers who do not quit - a quasi-randomized controlled trial. Drug and Alcohol Dependence, 112(1-2):81-89.

Haug, Severin; Meyer, C; Gross, B; Ulbricht, S; Bauer, S; John, U (2010). Internetbasierte Förderung der Tabakabstinenz in der Rehabilitation. Sucht, 56(2):117-124.

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