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Galliker, Nadja A; Murer, Carla; Kamarashev, Jivko; Dummer, Reinhard; Goldinger, Simone M (2015). Clinical observation of panniculitis in two patients with BRAF-mutated metastatic melanoma treated with a combination of a BRAF inhibitor and a MEK inhibitor. European Journal of Dermatology, 25(2):177-180.

Heppt, Markus V; Reinholz, Markus; Tietze, Julia K; Kerl, Katrin; French, Lars E; Berking, Carola; Kamarashev, Jivko (2015). Clinicopathologic features of primary cutaneous melanoma: a single centre analysis of a Swiss regional population. European Journal of Dermatology, 25(2):127-132.

Amann, Valerie C; Dreier, Jil; Ignatova, Desislava; Kamarashev, Jivko; Kerl, Katrin; Kempf, Werner; Pascolo, Steve; Dummer, Reinhard; Cozzio, Antonio; Guenova, Emmanuella (2015). Disseminated Primary Cutaneous CD8+ Small/medium-sized Pleomorphic T-cell Lymphoma Responding to Hydroxychloroquine. Acta Dermato-Venereologica, 95(5):602-603.

Dalton, Lucy E; Kamarashev, Jivko; Barinaga-Rementeria Ramirez, Irene; White, Gavin; Malliri, Angeliki; Hurlstone, Adam (2013). Constitutive RAC activation is not sufficient to initiate melanocyte neoplasia but accelerates malignant progression. Journal of Investigative Dermatology, 133(6):1572-1581.

Kempf, Werner; Kazakov, Dmitry V; Cozzio, Antonio; Kamarashev, Jivko; Kerl, Katrin; Plaza, Tobias; Metze, Dieter (2013). Primary cutaneous CD8+ small- to medium-sized Lymphoproliferative disorder in extrafacial sites: Clinicopathologic features and concept on their classification. American Journal of Dermatopathology, 35(2):159-166.

Rinderknecht, Jeannine D; Goldinger, Simone M; Rozati, Sima; Kamarashev, Jivko; Kerl, Katrin; French, Lars E; Dummer, Reinhard; Belloni, Benedetta (2013). RASopathic skin eruptions during vemurafenib therapy. PLoS ONE, 8(3):e58721.

Cippà, Pietro E; Kamarashev, Jivko; Chen, Jin; Kraus, Anna K; Segerer, Stephan; Feldmeyer, Laurence; Fehr, Thomas (2013). Synergistic Bcl-2 inhibition by ABT-737 and cyclosporine A. Apoptosis, 18(3):315-323.

Scheer, Helene Sophie; Kamarashev, Jivko; Weibel, Lisa (2012). Successful treatment of recurrent idiopathic plantar eccrine hidradenitis with colchicine. Archives of Dermatology, 148(12):1357-1359.

Tresch, Sandra; Cozzio, Antonio; Kamarashev, Jivko; Harr, Thomas; Schmid-Grendelmeier, Peter; French, Lars E; Feldmeyer, Laurence (2012). T cell-mediated acute localized exanthematous pustulosis caused by finasteride. Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, 129(2):589-594.

Scheer, Helene S; Kegel, Christian; Kamarashev, Jivko; Weibel, Lisa (2012). Translucent nasal papules in a 3-year-old boy-quiz case. Archives of Dermatology, 148(5):641-646.

Steiner, Urs C; Trüeb, Ralph M; Schad, Karin; Kamarashev, Jivko; Koch, Simon; French, Lars E; Hofbauer, Günther F L (2012). Trichophyton rubrum-induced Majocchi's Granuloma in a heart transplant recipient. A therapeutic challenge. Journal of Dermatological Case Reports, 6(3):70-72.

Kamarashev, Jivko; Ferrone, Soldano; Seifert, Burkhardt; Böni, Roland; Nestle, Frank O; Burg, Günter; Dummer, Reinhard (2001). TAP1 down-regulation in primary melanoma lesions: an independent marker of poor prognosis. International Journal of Cancer, 95(1):23-28.

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