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Grande, Bastian; Weiss, M; Biro, Peter; Grote, Gudela; Spahn, Donat R; Kolbe, M (2015). Ist Reden wichtig? Technisches versus kombiniert technisches/nicht-technisches Atemwegstraining in der Anästhesie und Intensivmedizin. Anästhesiologie und Intensivmedizin, 56:5-12.

Grande, Bastian; Weiss, M; Schick, C; Kolbe, M (2014). Über den "Elefanten im Raum" sprechen können - sogar in der Akutmedizin: Simulationstrainings zur Verbesserung klinischer Kompetenzen interprofessioneller Teams in der Akutmedizin. In: Nationales Symposium für Qualitätsmanagement im Gesundheitswesen, Solothurn, Schweiz, September 2014 - September 2014.

Burtscher, M J; Manser, T; Kolbe, M; Grote, G; Grande, B; Spahn, D R; Wacker, J (2011). Adaptation in anaesthesia team coordination in response to a simulated critical event and its relationship to clinical performance. British Journal of Anaesthesia, 106(6):801-806.

Burtscher, M J; Kolbe, M; Wacker, J; Manser, T (2011). Interactions of team mental models and monitoring behaviors predict team performance in simulated anesthesia inductions. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied, 17(3):257-269.

Kolbe, M; Burtscher, M J; Manser, T; Künzle, B; Grote, G (2011). The role of coordination in preventing harm in healthcare groups: research examples from anesthesia and an integrated model of coordination for action teams in healthcare. In: Boos, M. Coordination in human and primate groups. Berlin: Springer, 75-92.

Künzle, B; Zala-Mezö, E; Wacker, J; Kolbe, M; Spahn, D R; Grote, G (2010). Leadership in anaesthesia teams: the most effective leadership is shared. Quality and Safety in Health Care, 19(6):e46.

Burtscher, M J; Wacker, J; Kolbe, M; Grote, G; Manser, T (2009). Adaptive coordination, non-technical skills, and team performance in acute patient care. In: 11th Congress of the Swiss Psychological Society, Neuchatel, Switzerland, August 2009 - August 2009.

Burtscher, M J; Wacker, J; Kolbe, M; Grote, G; Manser, T (2009). Teamwork in acute patient care: The role of adaptive coordination and non-technical skills. In: 15th Annual Meeting of Society in Europe for Simulation Applied to Medicine (SESAM), Mainz, Germany, June 2009 - June 2009.

Burtscher, M J; Kolbe, M; Manser, T (2008). Teamwork and adaptive coordination in healthcare: How can the shared mental model approach be successfully applied to medical teams? In: Team Cognition Symposium, Maastricht, The Netherlands, October 2008 - October 2008.

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