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Wissner, Erik; Revishvili, Amiran; Metzner, Andreas; Tsyganov, Alexey; Kalinin, Vitaly; Lemes, Christine; Saguner, Ardan M; Maurer, Tilman; Deiss, Sebastian; Sopov, Oleg; Labarkava, Eugene; Chmelevsky, Mikhail; Kuck, Karl-Heinz (2017). Noninvasive epicardial and endocardial mapping of premature ventricular contractions. Europace, 19(5):843-849.

Saguner, Ardan M; Maurer, Tilman; Wissner, Erik; Santoro, Francesco; Lemes, Christine; Mathew, Shibu; Sohns, Christian; Heeger, Christian H; Reißmann, Bruno; Riedl, Johannes; Fink, Thomas; Hayashi, Kentaro; Wohlmuth, Peter; Kuck, Karl-Heinz; Ouyang, Feifan; Metzner, Andreas (2016). Catheter ablation of atrial fibrillation in very young adults: a 5-year follow-up study. Europace:Epub ahead of print.

Sohns, Christian; Saguner, Ardan M; Lemes, Christine; Santoro, Francesco; Mathew, Shibu; Heeger, Christian; Reißmann, Bruno; Maurer, Tilman; Riedl, Johannes; Fink, Thomas; Hayashi, Kentaro; Ouyang, Feifan; Kuck, Karl-Heinz; Metzner, Andreas (2016). First clinical experience using a novel high-resolution electroanatomical mapping system for left atrial ablation procedures. Clinical Research in Cardiology, 105(12):992-1002.

Heeger, Christian-H; Wissner, Erik; Wohlmuth, Peter; Mathew, Shibu; Hayashi, Kentaro; Sohns, Christian; Reißmann, Bruno; Lemes, Christine; Maurer, Tilman; Saguner, Ardan M; Santoro, Francesco; Riedl, Johannes; Ouyang, Feifan; Kuck, Karl-Heinz; Metzner, Andreas (2016). Bonus-freeze: benefit or risk? Two-year outcome and procedural comparison of a "bonus-freeze" and "no bonus-freeze" protocol using the second-generation cryoballoon for pulmonary vein isolation. Clinical Research in Cardiology, 105(9):774-782.

Hayashi, Kentaro; Mathew, Shibu; Heeger, Christian-H; Maurer, Tilman; Lemes, Christine; Riedl, Johannes; Sohns, Christian; Saguner, Ardan M; Santoro, Francesco; Reißmann, Bruno; Metzner, Andreas; Kuck, Karl-Heinz; Ouyang, Feifan (2016). Pace Mapping for the Identification of Focal Atrial Tachycardia Origin: A Novel Technique to Map and Ablate Difficult-to-Induce and Nonsustained Focal Atrial Tachycardia. Circulation. Arrhythmia and Electrophysiology, 9(7):e003930.

Heeger, Christian-H; Wissner, Erik; Mathew, Shibu; Hayashi, Kentaro; Sohns, Christian; Reißmann, Bruno; Lemes, Christine; Maurer, Tilmann; Fink, Thomas; Saguner, Ardan M; Santoro, Francesco; Riedl, Johannes; Ouyang, Feifan; Kuck, Karl-Heinz; Metzner, Andreas (2016). Short tip-big difference? First-in-man experience and procedural efficacy of pulmonary vein isolation using the third-generation cryoballoon. Clinical Research in Cardiology, 105(6):482-488.

Saguner, Ardan M; Shibu, Mathew; Metzner, Andreas; Lemes, Christine; Santoro, Francesco; Sohns, Christian; Kentaro, Hayashi; Riedl, Johannes; Maurer, Tilman; Heeger, Christian H; Kuck, Karl-Heinz; Ouyang, Feifan (2016). Eine seltene Ursache der idiopathischen ventrikulären Extrasystolie. Cardiovascular Medicine, 19(2):60-64.

Metzner, Andreas; Heeger, Christian-Hendrik; Wohlmuth, Peter; Reißmann, Bruno; Rillig, Andreas; Tilz, Roland Richard; Mathew, Shibu; Lemes, Christine; Deiß, Sebastian; Maurer, Tilman; Saguner, Ardan; Ouyang, Feifan; Kuck, Karl-Heinz; Wißner, Erik (2016). Two-year outcome after pulmonary vein isolation using the second-generation 28-mm cryoballoon: lessons from the bonus freeze protocol. Clinical Research in Cardiology, 105(1):72-78.

Maisano, Francesco; Taramasso, Maurizio; Nickenig, Georg; Hammerstingl, Christoph; Vahanian, Alec; Messika-Zeitoun, David; Baldus, Stephan; Huntgeburth, Michael; Alfieri, Ottavio; Colombo, Antonio; La Canna, Giovanni; Agricola, Eustachio; Zuber, Michel; Tanner, Felix C; Topilsky, Yan; Kreidel, Felix; Kuck, Karl-Heinz (2016). Cardioband, a transcatheter surgical-like direct mitral valve annuloplasty system: early results of the feasibility trial. European Heart Journal, 37(10):817-825.

Maisano, Francesco; Alfieri, Ottavio; Banai, Shmuel; Buchbinder, Maurice; Colombo, Antonio; Falk, Volkmar; Feldman, Ted; Franzen, Olaf; Herrmann, Howard; Kar, Saibal; Kuck, Karl-Heinz; Lutter, Georg; Mack, Michael; Nickenig, Georg; Piazza, Nicolo; Reisman, Mark; Ruiz, Carlos E; Schofer, Joachim; Søndergaard, Lars; Stone, Gregg W; Taramasso, Maurizio; Thomas, Martyn; Vahanian, Alec; Webb, John; Windecker, Stephan; Leon, Martin B (2015). The future of transcatheter mitral valve interventions: competitive or complementary role of repair vs. replacement? European Heart Journal, 36(26):1651-1659.

Dickstein, Kenneth; Normand, Camilla; Anker, Stefan D; Auricchio, Angelo; Lundqvist, Carina Blomström; Bogale, Nigussie; Cleland, John; Filippatos, Gerasimos; Gasparini, Maurizio; Gitt, Anselm; Hindricks, Gerhard; Kuck, Karl-Heinz; Ponikowski, Piotr; Stellbrink, Christoph; Ruschitzka, Frank; Linde, Cecilia (2015). European Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy Survey II: rationale and design. Europace, 17(1):137-141.

Blomström Lundqvist, Carina; Auricchio, Angelo; Brugada, Josep; Boriani, Giuseppe; Bremerich, Jens; Cabrera, Jose Angel; Frank, Herbert; Gutberlet, Matthias; Heidbuchel, Hein; Kuck, Karl-Heinz; Lancellotti, Patrizio; Rademakers, Frank; Winkels, Gerard; Wolpert, Christian; Vardas, Panos E (2013). The use of imaging for electrophysiological and devices procedures: a report from the first European Heart Rhythm Association Policy Conference, jointly organized with the European Association of Cardiovascular Imaging (EACVI), the Council of Cardiovascular Imaging and the European Society of Cardiac Radiology. Europace, 15(7):927-936.

Binder, Ronald K; Schäfer, Ulrich; Kuck, Karl-Heinz; Wood, David A; Moss, Robert; Leipsic, Jonathon; Toggweiler, Stefan; Freeman, Melanie; Ostry, Avi J; Frerker, Christian; Willson, Alexander B; Webb, John G (2013). Transcatheter aortic valve replacement with a new self-expanding transcatheter heart valve and motorized delivery system. JACC. Cardiovascular interventions, 6(3):301-307.

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