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Contaldo, C; Lindenblatt, N; Elsherbiny, A; Högger, D C; Borozadi, M K; Vetter, S T; Lang, K S; Handschin, A E; Giovanoli, P (2010). Erythropoietin requires endothelial nitric oxide synthase to counteract tnf-α-induced microcirculatory dysfunction in murine striated muscle. Shock, 35(3):315-321.

Navarini, A A; Krzyzowska, M; Lang, K S; Horvath, E; Hengartner, H; Niemialtowski, M G; Zinkernagel, R M (2010). Long-lasting immunity by early infection of maternal-antibody-protected infants. European Journal of Immunology, 40(1):113-116.

Joly, S; Francke, M; Ulbricht, E; Beck, S; Seeliger, M W; Hirrlinger, P; Hirrlinger, J; Lang, K S; Zinkernagel, M; Odermatt, B; Samardzija, M; Reichenbach, A; Grimm, C; Remé, C E (2009). Cooperative phagocytes: resident microglia and bone marrow immigrants remove dead photoreceptors in retinal lesions. American Journal of Pathology, 174(6):2310-2323.

Lang, P A; Cervantes-Barragan, L; Verschoor, A; Navarini, A A; Recher, M; Pellegrini, M; Flatz, L; Bergthaler, A; Honda, K; Ludewig, B; Ohashi, P S; Lang, K S (2009). Hematopoietic cell-derived interferon controls viral replication and virus-induced disease. Blood, 113(5):1045-1052.

Navarini, A A; Lang, K S; Verschoor, A; Recher, M; Zinkernagel, A S; Nizet, V; Odermatt, B; Hengartner, H; Zinkernagel, R M (2009). Innate immune-induced depletion of bone marrow neutrophils aggravates systemic bacterial infections. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS), 106(17):7107-7112.

Heikenwalder, M; Prinz, M; Zeller, N; Lang, K S; Junt, T; Rossi, S; Tumanov, A; Schmidt, H; Priller, J; Flatz, L; Rülicke, T; Macpherson, A J; Holländer, G A; Nedospasov, S A; Aguzzi, A (2008). Overexpression of lymphotoxin in T cells induces fulminant thymic involution. American Journal of Pathology, 172(6):1555-1570.

Johansen, P; Storni, T; Rettig, L; Qiu, Z; Der-Sarkissian, A; Smith, K A; Manolova, V; Lang, K S; Senti, G; Müllhaupt, B; Gerlach, T; Speck, R F; Bot, A M; Kündig, T M (2008). Antigen kinetics determines immune reactivity. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS), 105(13):5189-5194.

Lang, P A; Contaldo, C; Georgiev, P; El-Badry, A M; Recher, M; Kurrer, M; Cervantes-Barragan, L; Ludewig, B; Calzascia, T; Bolinger, B; Merkler, D; Odermatt, B; Bader, M; Graf, R; Clavien, P A; Hegazy, A N; Löhning, M; Harris, N L; Ohashi, P S; Hengartner, H; Zinkernagel, R M; Lang, K S (2008). Aggravation of viral hepatitis by platelet-derived serotonin. Nature Medicine, 14(7):756-761.

Falk, S; Wurdak, H; Ittner, L M; Ille, F; Sumara, G; Schmid, M T; Draganova, K; Lang, K S; Paratore, C; Schwerdtfeger, K; Leveen, P; Suter, U; Karlsson, S; Born, W; Ricci, R; Gotz, M; Sommer, L (2008). Brain area-specific effect of TGF-beta signaling on Wnt-dependent neural stem cell expansion. Cell Stem Cell, 2(5):472-482.

Ittner, L M; Schwerdtfeger, K; Kunz, T H; Muff, R; Husmann, K; Grimm, C; Hafezi, F; Lang, K S; Kurrer, M O; Götz, J; Born, W; Fischer, J A (2008). Transgenic mice with ocular overexpression of an adrenomedullin receptor reflect human acute angle-closure glaucoma. Clinical Science, 114(1):49-58.

Georgiev, P; Navarini, A A; Eloranta, J J; Lang, K S; Kullak-Ublick, G A; Nocito, A; Dahm, F; Jochum, W; Graf, R; Clavien, P-A (2007). Cholestasis protects the liver from ischaemic injury and post-ischaemic inflammation in the mouse. Gut, 56(1):121-128.

Recher, Mike; Lang, K S; Navarini, A; Hunziker, L; Lang, P A; Fink, K; Freigang, S; Georgiev, P; Hangartner, L; Zellweger, R; Bergthaler, A; Hegazy, A N; Eschli, B; Theocharides, A; Jeker, L T; Merkler, D; Odermatt, B; Hersberger, M; Hengartner, H; Zinkernagel, R M (2007). Extralymphatic virus sanctuaries as a consequence of potent T-cell activation. Nature Medicine, 13(11):1316-1323.

Lötscher, M; Recher, M; Lang, K S; Navarini, A; Hunziker, L; Santimaria, R; Glatzel, M; Schwarz, P; Böni, J; Zinkernagel, R M (2007). Induced prion protein controls immune-activated retroviruses in the mouse spleen. PLoS ONE, 2(11):e1158.

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