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Arighi, C; Roberts, P; Agarwal, S; Bhattacharya, S; Cesareni, G; Chatr-aryamontri, A; Clematide, S; Gaudet, P; Giglio, M; Harrow, I; Huala, E; Krallinger, M; Leser, U; Li, D; Liu, F; Lu, Z; Maltais, L; Okazaki, N; Perfetto, L; Rinaldi, Fabio; Saetre, R; Salgado, D; Srinivasan, P; Thomas, P; Toldo, L; Hirschman, L; Wu, C (2011). BioCreative III interactive task: an overview. BMC Bioinformatics, 12(Suppl 8):S4.

Breen, J; Li, D; Dunn, D S; Békés, F; Xiuying, K; Zhang, J; Jia, J; Wicker, T; Mago, R; Ma, W; Bellgard, M; Appels, R (2010). Wheat beta-expansin (EXPB11) genes: Identification of the expressed gene on chromosome 3BS carrying a pollen allergen domain. BMC Plant Biology, 10:99.

Grueter, C C; Li, D; Ren, B; Wei, F; Xiang, Z; van Schaik, C P (2009). Fallback foods of temperate-living primates: A case study on snub-nosed monkeys. American Journal of Physical Anthropology, 140(4):700-715.

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Li, D; Grueter, C C; Ren, B; Long, Y; Li, M; Peng, Z; Wei, F (2008). Ranging of Rhinopithecus bieti in the Samage Forest, China. II. Use of land cover types and altitudes. International Journal of Primatology, 29(5):1147-1173.

Shibata, J H W; Hasegawa, J; Siemens, H J; Wolber, E; Dibbelt, L; Li, D; Katschinski, D M; Fandrey, J; Jelkmann, W; Gassmann, M; Wenger, R H; Wagner, K F (2003). Hemostasis and coagulation at a hematocrit level of 0.85: functional consequences of erythrocytosis. Blood, 101(11):4416-4422.

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