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Ling, F; Li, Z; Chen, E; Huang, Y; Tian, X; Schmullius, C; Leiterer, Reik; Reiche, J; Santoro, M (2012). Forest and non-forest mapping with envisat ASAR images. In: dragon 2 - dragon 3 symposium, Beijing, China, 25 June 2012 - 29 June 2012, 8 S..

Zhifeng, H; Li, Z; Zhiqiang, C; Kejun, K; Hongxia, Y; Zhenchang, W; Stampanoni, M (2011). Low dose reconstruction algorithm for differential phase contrast imaging. Journal of X-Ray Science and Technology, 19(3):403-415.

Zemp, M; Paul, F; Andreassen, L M; Arino, O; Bippus, G; Bolch, T; Braithwaite, R; Braun, L; Caceres, B E; Casassa, G; Casey, K A; Ceballos, C L; Citterio, M; Delgado, H; Demuth, M; Espizua, L E; Farokhnia, A; Fischer, A; Foppa, N; Frey, H; Fujita, K; Gärtner-Roer, I; Glowacki, P; Haeberli, W; Hagen, J O; Hoelzle, M; Holmlund, P; Giesen, R H; Kääb, A; Khromova, T; Kotlarski, S; Le Bris, R; Li, Z; Meier, M; Meneghel, M; Mool, P; Nussbaumer, S U; Peduzzi, P; Plummer, S; Popovnin, V V; Prinz, R; Rack, W; Rastner, P; Raup, B; Rinne, E; Seifert, F M; Seiz, G; Severskiy, I; Shepherd, A; Sigurdsson, O; Strozzi, T; Vincent, C; Wheate, R; Yakovlev, A (2011). Summary of International Glacier Monitoring Summit. Earth Observer, 23(4):28-31.

Schmullius, C; Reiche, J; Leiterer, R; Cartus, O; Santoro, M; Wegmüller, U; Li, Z; Tian, X; Ling, F (2010). Forest Dragon 2: Mid-term results of the European partners. In: Symposium Dragon 2 Programme Mid-Term Results 2008–2010, Guilin City (China), 17 May 2010 - 21 May 2010, online.

Liang, S; Schaepman, M E; Kneubühler, M (2008). Remote Sensing Signatures: measurements, modeling and applications. In: Li, Z. Advances in Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and spatial Information Sciences: 2008 ISPRS Congress book. London: CRC Press, 127-135.

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