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Indiveri, G; Linares-Barranco, B; Legenstein, R; Deligeorgis, G; Prodromakis, T (2013). Integration of nanoscale memristor synapses in neuromorphic computing architectures. Journal of Biomedical Nanotechnology, 24(38):384010.

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Serrano-Gotarredona, R; Oster, M; Lichtsteiner, P; Linares-Barranco, A; Paz-Vicente, R; Gomez-Rodriguez, F; Camuñas-Mesa, L; Berner, R; Rivas, M; Delbruck, T; Liu, S C; Douglas, R J; Hafliger, P; Moreno, G; Civit, A; Serrano-Gotarredona, T; Acosta-Jimenez, A; Linares-Barranco, B (2009). CAVIAR: a 45k neuron, 5M synapse, 12G connects/s AER hardware sensory-processing-learning-actuating system for high-speed visual object recognition and tracking. IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks, 20(9):1417-1438.

Linares-Barranco, A; Oster, M; Cascado, D; Jimenez, G; Civit, A; Linares-Barranco, B (2007). Inter-spike-intervals analysis of AER Poisson like generator hardware. Neurocomputing, 70(16-18):2692-2700.

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