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Liu, J; Bruhn, D; Lee, R B; Zheng, Z; Janusic, T; Shcherbakov, D; Scherman, M; Boshoff, H; Das, S; Raskesh, K; Waidyarachchi, S; Brewer, T; Garcia, B; Yang, L; Bollinger, J; Robertson, G; Meibohn, B; Lenaerts, A; Ainsa, J; Böttger, E C; Lee, R E (2017). The structure-activity relationships of Spectinamide antituberculosis agents; a dissection of ribosomal inhibition and native efflux avoidance contributions. ACS Infectious Diseases, 3(1):72-88.

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Dong, X-P; Cunningham, J A; Bengtson, S; Thomas, C-W; Liu, J; Stampanoni, M; Donoghue, P C J (2013). Embryos, polyps and medusae of the Early Cambrian scyphozoan Olivooides. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London, Series B: Biological Sciences, 280(1757):20130071.

Wueest, S; Yang, X; Liu, J; Schoenle, E J; Konrad, D (2012). Inverse regulation of basal lipolysis in perigonadal and mesenteric fat depots in mice. American Journal of Physiology: Endocrinology and Metabolism, 302(1):E153-60.

Pasinelli, G; Runge, J P; Schiegg, K (2011). Source-sink status of small and large wetland fragments and growth rate of a population network. In: Liu, J; Hull, V; Morzillo, A T; Wiens, J A. Sources, Sinks and Sustainability. England: Cambridge University Press, 216-238.

Lu, Z; Kao, H Y; Wei, C H; Huang, M; Liu, J; Kuo, C J; Hsu, C N; Tsai, R; Dai, H J; Okazaki, N; Cho, H C; Gerner, M; Solt, I; Agarwal, S; Liu, F; Vishnyakova, D; Ruch, P; Romacker, M; Rinaldi, Fabio; Bhattacharya, S; Srinivasan, P; Liu, H; Torii, M; Matos, S; Campos, D; Verspoor, K; Livingston, K; Wilbur, W (2011). The gene normalization task in BioCreative III. BMC Bioinformatics, 12(Suppl 8):S2.

Liu, J; Bandyopadhyay, N; Ranka, S; Baudis, M; Kahveci, T (2009). Inferring Progression Models for CGH data. Bioinformatics, 25(17):2208-2215.

Lerner-Ellis, J P; Anastasio, N; Liu, J; Coelho, D; Suormala, T; Stucki, M; Loewy, A D; Gurd, S; Grundberg, E; Morel, C F; Watkins, D; Baumgartner, M R; Pastinen, T; Rosenblatt, D S; Fowler, B (2009). Spectrum of mutations in MMACHC, allelic expression, and evidence for genotype-phenotype correlations. Human Mutation, 30(7):1072-1081.

Gallay, M N; Jeanmonod, D; Liu, J; Morel, A (2008). Human pallidothalamic and cerebellothalamic tracts: anatomical basis for functional stereotactic neurosurgery. Brain Structure and Function, 212(6):443-463.

Liang, S; Liu, J; Li, X; Liu, R; Schaepman, M E (2007). Preface to the Special Issue for ISPMSRS05. Yaogan Xuebao, 11(5):625.

Liu, J; Mohammed, J; Carter, J; Ranka, S; Kahveci, T; Baudis, M (2006). Distance-based clustering of CGH data. Bioinformatics, 22(16):1971-1978.

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