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Buechner, A; Beynon, A; Szyfter, W; Niemczyk, K; Hoppe, U; Hey, M; Brokx, J; Eyles, J; Van de Heyning, P; Paludetti, G; Zarowski, A; Quaranta, Q; Wesarg, T; Festen, J; Olze, H; Dhooge, I; Müller-Deile, J; Ramos, A; Roman, S; Piron, J P; Cuda, D; Burdo, S; Grolman, W; Roux Vaillard, S; Huarte, A; Frachet, B; Morera, C; Garcia-Ibáñez, L; Abels, D; Walger, M; Müller-Mazotta, J; Antonio Leone, C; Meyer, B; Dillier, N; Steffens, T; Gentine, A; Mazzoli, M; Rypkema, G; Killian, M; Smoorenburg, G (2011). Clinical evaluation of cochlear implant sound coding taking into account conjectural masking functions, MP3000™. Cochlear Implants International, 12(4):194-204.

Battmer, R-D; Dillier, N; Lai, W K; Begall, K; Leypon, E E; González, J C F; Manrique, M; Morera, C; Müller-Deile, J; Wesarg, T; Zarowski, A; Killian, M J; von Wallenberg, E; Smoorenburg, G F (2010). Speech perception performance as a function of stimulus pulse rate and processing strategy preference for the Cochlear Nucleus CI24RE device: relation to perceptual threshold and loudness comfort profiles. International Journal of Audiology, 49(9):657-666.

Morsnowski, A; Conway, M; Craddock, L; Cullington, H; Dillier, N; Lai, W K; Stecker, M; Steffens, T; Müller-Deile, J (2008). Die Steigung der Amplitudenwachstumsfunktion von Summenaktionspotentialen als Elektrodenselektionskriterium. In: 11. Jahrestagung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Audiologie, Kiel, 5 March 2008 - 8 March 2008, 1-5.

van Dijk, B; Botros, A M; Battmer, R D; Begall, K; Dillier, N; Hey, M; Lai, W K; Lenarz, T; Laszig, R; Morsnowski, A; Müller-Deile, J; Psarros, C; Shallop, J; Weber, B; Wesarg, T; Zarowski, A; Offeciers, E (2007). Clinical results of AutoNRT, a completely automatic ECAP recording system for cochlear implants. Ear and Hearing, 28(4):558-570.

Cafarelli Dees, D; Dillier, N; Lai, W K; von Wallenberg, E; van Dijk, B; Akdas, F; Aksit, M; Batman, C; Beynon, A; Burdo, S; Chanal, J-M; Collet, L; Conway, M; Coudert, C; Craddock, L; Cullington, H; Deggouj, N; Fraysse, B; Grabel, S; Kiefer, J; Kiss, J G; Lenarz, T; Mair, A; Maune, S; Müller-Deile, J; Piron, J-P; Razza, S; Tasche, C; Thai-Van, H; Toth, F; Truy, E; Uziel, A; Smoorenburg, G F (2005). Normative findings of electrically evoked compound action potential measurements using the neural response telemetry of the Nucleus CI24M cochlear implant system. Audiology and Neurotology, 10(2):105-116.

Laszig, R; Aschendorff, A; Stecker, M; Müller-Deile, J; Maune, S; Dillier, N; Weber, B; Hey, M; Begall, K; Lenarz, T; Battmer, R-D; Böhm, M; Steffens, T; Strutz, J; Linder, T; Probst, R; Allum, J; Westhofen, M; Doering, W (2004). Benefits of bilateral electrical stimulation with the nucleus cochlear implant in adults: 6-month postoperative results. Otology and Neurotology, 25(6):958-968.

Dillier, N; Lai, W K; Almqvist, B; Frohne, C; Müller-Deile, J; Stecker, M; von Wallenberg, E (2002). Measurement of the electrically evoked compound action potential via a neural response telemetry system. Annals of Otology, Rhinology and Laryngology, 111(5 Pt 1):407-414.

Fraysse, B; Dillier, N; Klenzner, T; Laszig, R; Manrique, M; Morera Perez, C; Morgon, A H; Müller-Deile, J; Ramos Macias, A (1998). Cochlear implants for adults obtaining marginal benefit from acoustic amplification: a European study. American Journal of Otology, 19(5):591-597.

Dillier, N; Battmer, R D; Döring, W H; Müller-Deile, J (1995). Multicentric field evaluation of a new speech coding strategy for cochlear implants. Audiology, 34(3):145-159.

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