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Slik, J W Ferry; Aiba, S I; Bastian, M; Brearley, F Q; Cannon, C H; Eichhorn, K A O; Fredriksson, G; Kartawinata, K; Laumonier, Y; Mansor, A; Marjokorpi, A; Meijaard, E; Morley, R J; Nagamasu, H; Nilus, R; Nurtjahya, E; Payne, J; Permana, A; Poulsen, A D; Raes, N; Riswan, S; van Schaik, C P; Sheil, D; Sidiyasa, K; Suzuki, E; van Valkenburg, J L C H; Webb, C O; Wich, S; Yoneda, T; Zakaria, R; Zweifel, Nicole (2011). Soils on exposed Sunda Shelf shaped biogeographic patterns in the equatorial forests of Southeast Asia. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS), 108(30):12343-12347.

Meijaard, E; Mengersen, K; Buchori, D; Nurcahyo, A; Ancrenaz, M; Wich, S A; Atmoko, S S U; Tjiu, A; Prasetyo, D; Nardiyono, Mr; Hadiprakarsa, Y; Christy, L; Wells, J; Albar, G; Marshall, A J (2011). Why don't we ask? A complementary method for assessing the status of great apes. PLoS ONE, 6(3):e18008.

Meijaard, E; Welsh, A; Ancrenaz, M; Wich, S A; Nijman, V; Marshall, A J (2010). Declining orangutan encounter rates from Wallace to the present suggest the species was once more abundant. PLoS ONE, 5(8):e12042.

Spehar, S N; Mathewson, P D; Nuzuar, Mr; Wich, S A; Marshall, A J; Kühl, H; Nardiyono, Mr; Meijaard, E (2010). Estimating orangutan densities using the standing crop and marked nest count methods: Lessons learned for conservation. Biotropica, 42(6):748-757.

Marshall, A J; Lacy, R; Ancrenaz, M; Byers, O; Husson, S J; Leighton, M; Meijaard, E; Rosen, N; Singleton, I; Stephens, S; Traylor-Holzer, K; Utami Atmoko, S S; van Schaik, C P; Wich, S A (2009). Orangutan population biology, life history, and conservation. Perspectives from population viability analysis models. In: Wich, S A; Utami Atmoko, S S; Mitra Setia, T; van Schaik, C P. Orangutans: geographic variation in behavioral ecology and conservation. New York, US: Oxford University Press, 311-326.

Wich, S A; Meijaard, E; Marshall, A J; Husson, S; Ancrenaz, M; Lacy, R C; van Schaik, C P; Sugardjito, J; Simorangkir, T; Traylor-Holzer, K; Doughty, M; Supriatna, J; Dennis, R; Gumal, M; Knott, C D; Singleton, I (2008). Distribution and conservation status of the orang-utan (Pongo spp.) on Borneo and Sumatra: how many remain? Oryx, 42(3):329-339.

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