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Meyer Sauteur, Patrick M; Huizinga, Ruth; Tio-Gillen, Anne P; de Wit, Marie-Claire Y; Unger, Wendy W J; Berger, Christoph; van Rossum, Annemarie M C; Jacobs, Bart C (2017). Antibody responses to GalC in severe and complicated childhood Guillain-Barré syndrome. Journal of the Peripheral Nervous System:online.

Meyer Sauteur, Patrick M; Marques-Maggio, Ewerton; Relly, Christa; Keller, Peter M; Clarenbach, Christian F; Berger, Christoph (2017). Asymptomatic congenital tuberculosis: A case report. Medicine, 96(29):e7562.

Meyer Sauteur, Patrick M; Unger, Wendy W J; Nadal, David; Berger, Christoph; Vink, Cornelis; van Rossum, Annemarie M C (2016). Infection with and carriage of Mycoplasma pneumoniae in children. Frontiers in Microbiology:7:329.

Meyer Sauteur, Patrick M; Huizinga, Ruth; Tio-Gillen, Anne P; Roodbol, Joyce; Hoogenboezem, Theo; Jacobs, Enno; van Rijn, Monique; van der Eijk, Annemiek A; Vink, Cornelis; de Wit, Marie-Claire Y; van Rossum, Annemarie M C; Jacobs, Bart C (2016). Mycoplasma pneumoniaetriggering the Guillain-Barré syndrome: A case-control study. Annals of Neurology, 80(4):566-580.

Meyer Sauteur, Patrick M; van Rossum, Annemarie M C; Jacobs, Bart C (2016). The spectrum of preceding infections in GBS - beyond Campylobacter. In: Willison, Hugh J; Goodfellow, John A. GBS 100 : Celebrating a century of progress in Guillain-Barré syndrome. La Jolla, CA: Peripheral Nerve Society, 181-195.

Meyer Sauteur, Patrick M; Hackenberg, Annette; Tio-Gillen, Anne P; van Rossum, Annemarie M C; Berger, Christoph; Jacobs, Bart C (2015). Intrathecal Anti-GalC Antibodies in Bickerstaff Brain Stem Encephalitis. Neuropediatrics, 46(6):428-430.

Meyer Sauteur, Patrick M; Roodbol, Joyce; Hackenberg, Annette; de Wit, Marie-Claire Y; Vink, Cornelis; Berger, Christoph; Jacobs, Enno; van Rossum, Annemarie M C; Jacobs, Bart C (2015). Severe childhood Guillain-Barré syndrome associated with Mycoplasma pneumoniae infection: a case series. Journal of the Peripheral Nervous System, 20:72-78.

Meyer Sauteur, Patrick M; Jacobs, Bart C; Spuesens, Emiel B M; Jacobs, Enno; Nadal, David; Vink, Cornelis; van Rossum, Annemarie M C (2014). Antibody responses to Mycoplasma pneumoniae: role in pathogenesis and diagnosis of encephalitis? PLoS Pathogens, 10(6):e1003983.

Meyer Sauteur, Patrick M; Relly, Christa; Hackenberg, Annette; Stahr, Nikolai; Berger, Christoph; Bloemberg, Guido V; Jacobs, Enno; Nadal, David (2014). Mycoplasma pneumoniae intrathecal antibody responses in bickerstaff brain stem encephalitis. Neuropediatrics, 45(01):061-063.

Meyer Sauteur, Patrick M; Bleisch, Barbara; Voit, Antje; Maurer, Florian P; Relly, Christa; Berger, Christoph; Nadal, David; Bloemberg, Guido V (2014). Survey of macrolide-resistant Mycoplasma pneumoniae in children with community-acquired pneumonia in Switzerland. Swiss Medical Weekly, 144:w14041.

Meyer Sauteur, Patrick M; Trück, Johannes; Bosshard, Philipp P; Tomaske, Maren; Morán Cadenas, Francisca; Lautenschlager, Stephan; Goetschel, Philippe (2012). Congenital syphilis in Switzerland: gone, forgotten, on the return. Swiss Medical Weekly, 141:w13325.

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