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Monoranu, C M; Grünblatt, E; Bartl, J; Meyer, A; Apfelbacher, M; Keller, D; Michel, T M; Al-Saraj, S; Schmitt, A; Falkai, P; Roggendorf, W; Deckert, J; Ferrer, I; Riederer, P (2011). Methyl- and acetyltransferases are stable epigenetic markers postmortem. Cell and Tissue Banking, 12(4):289-297.

Michel, T M; Gsell, W; Geuder, J; Frangou, S; Durany, N; Kircher, T; Sheldrick, A J; Tatschner, T; Schneider, F; Riederer, P; Grünblatt, E (2010). Can enzyme kinetics of prooxidants teach us a lesson about the treatment of Alzheimer's disease: a pilot post-mortem study. World Journal of Biological Psychiatry, 11(4):677-681.

Michel, T M; Camara, S; Tatschner, T; Frangou, S; Sheldrick, A J; Riederer, P; Grünblatt, E (2010). Increased xanthine oxidase in the thalamus and putamen in depression. World Journal of Biological Psychiatry, 11(2 Pt 2):314-320.

Michel, T M; Gsell, W; Käsbauer, L; Tatschner, T; Sheldrick, A J; Neuner, I; Schneider, F; Grünblatt, E; Riederer, P (2010). Increased activity of mitochondrial aldehyde dehydrogenase (ALDH) in the putamen of individuals with Alzheimer's disease: a human postmortem study. Journal of Alzheimer's Disease, 19(4):1295-1301.

Grünblatt, E; Monoranu, C M; Apfelbacher, M; Keller, D; Michel, T M; Alafuzoff, I; Ferrer, I; Al-Saraj, S; Keyvani, K; Schmitt, A; Falkai, P; Schittenhelm, J; McLean, C; Halliday, G M; Harper, C; Deckert, J; Roggendorf, W; Riederer, P (2009). Tryptophan is a marker of human postmortem brain tissue quality. Journal of Neurochemistry, 110(5):1400-1408.

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