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Caputo, Maria Luce; Regoli, François; Conte, Giulio; Adjibodou, Boris; Svab, Stefano; Del Bufalo, Alessandro; Moccetti, Tiziano; Curti, Moreno; Klersy, Catherine; Auricchio, Angelo (2017). Temporal trends and long term follow-up of implantable cardioverter defibrillator therapy for secondary prevention: A 15-year single-centre experience. International Journal of Cardiology, 228:31-36.

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Obeid, Slayman; Attinger-Toller, Adrian; Taramasso, Maurizio; Pedrazzini, Giovanni; Suetsch, Gabor; Landolt, Fabienne; Karbeyaz, Fatih; Rodriguez, Hector; Sürder, Daniel; Moccetti, Tiziano; Nietlispach, Fabian; Maisano, Francesco (2017). SYNTAX Score II in Patients with coronary Artery Disease undergoing percutaneous Mitral Repair with the MitraClip. International Journal of Cardiology, 236:375-380.

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Altomare, Claudia; Pianezzi, Enea; Cervio, Elisabetta; Bolis, Sara; Biemmi, Vanessa; Benzoni, Patrizia; Camici, Giovanni G; Moccetti, Tiziano; Barile, Lucio; Vassalli, Giuseppe (2016). Human-induced pluripotent stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes from cardiac progenitor cells: effects of selective ion channel blockade. Europace, 18(suppl 4):iv67-iv76.

Regoli, François; Bongiorni, Maria Grazia; Rordorf, Roberto; Santamaria, Matteo; Klersy, Caterine; Segreti, Luca; De Regibus, Valentina; Moccetti, Tiziano; Conte, Giulio; Caputo, Maria Luce; Auricchio, Angelo (2016). High recurrence of device-related adverse events following transvenous lead extraction procedure in patients with cardiac resynchronization devices. European Journal of Heart Failure, 18(10):1270-1277.

Schäfer, Ulrich; Maisano, Francesco; Butter, Christian; Franzen, Olaf; Baldus, Stephan; Hausleiter, Jörg; Ussia, Gian Paolo; Sievert, Horst; Geist, Volker; Widder, Julian Daniel; Moccetti, Tiziano; Schillinger, Wolfgang (2016). Impact of Preprocedural Left Ventricular Ejection Fraction on 1-Year Outcomes After MitraClip Implantation (from the ACCESS-EU Phase I, a Prospective, Multicenter, Nonrandomized Postapproval Study of the MitraClip Therapy in Europe). American Journal of Cardiology, 118(6):873-880.

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Olde Nordkamp, Louise R A; Conte, Giulio; Rosenmöller, Boudewijn R A M; Warnaars, Joppe L F; Tan, Hanno L; Caputo, Maria L; Regoli, Francois; Moccetti, Tiziano; Auricchio, Angelo; Knops, Reinoud E; Wilde, Arthur A M (2016). Brugada Syndrome and the Subcutaneous Implantable Cardioverter-Defibrillator. Journal of the American College of Cardiology, 68(6):665-666.

Conte, Giulio; Caputo, Maria Luce; Regoli, François; Moccetti, Tiziano; Brugada, Pedro; Auricchio, Angelo (2016). Brugada Syndrome and Early Repolarisation: Distinct Clinical Entities or Different Phenotypes of the Same Genetic Disease? Arrhythmia & electrophysiology review, 5(2):84-89.

Regoli, François; Moccetti, Tiziano; Pasotti, Elena; Auricchio, Angelo; Moccetti, Marco (2016). Combined Left Atrial Appendage Closure and Pacemaker Implant through a Single Right Femoral Vein Access. Pacing and Clinical Electrophysiology : PACE, 39(8):900-902.

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Pedrazzini, Giovanni; Biasco, Luigi; Sulzer, Irmela; Anesini, Adriana; Moccetti, Tiziano; Kremer Hovinga, Johanna A; Alberio, Lorenzo (2016). Acquired intracoronary ADAMTS13 deficiency and VWF retention at sites of critical coronary stenosis in patients with STEMI. Blood, 127(23):2934-2936.

Sürder, Daniel; Manka, Robert; Moccetti, Tiziano; Lo Cicero, Viviana; Emmert, Maximilian Y; Klersy, Catherine; Soncin, Sabrina; Turchetto, Lucia; Radrizzani, Marina; Zuber, Michel; Windecker, Stephan; Moschovitis, Aris; Bühler, Ines; Kozerke, Sebastian; Erne, Paul; Lüscher, Thomas F; Corti, Roberto (2016). Effect of Bone Marrow-Derived Mononuclear Cell Treatment, Early or Late After Acute Myocardial Infarction: Twelve Months CMR and Long-Term Clinical Results. Circulation Research, 119(3):481-490.

Muzzarelli, Stefano; Suerder, Daniel; Murzilli, Romina; Donato, Lucia; Pedrazzini, Giovanni; Pasotti, Elena; Moccetti, Tiziano; Klersy, Catherine; Faletra, Francesco Fulvio (2016). Predictors of disagreement between prospectively ECG-triggered dual-source coronary computed tomography angiography and conventional coronary angiography. European Journal of Radiology, 85(6):1138-1146.

Magnoni, Marco; Masson, Serge; Andreini, Daniele; Moccetti, Tiziano; Modena, Maria Grazia; Canestrari, Mauro; Berti, Sergio; Casolo, Giancarlo; Gabrielli, Domenico; Marraccini, Paolo; Pontone, Gianluca; Latini, Roberto; Maggioni, Aldo Pietro; Maseri, Attilio; CAPIRE Study Group (2016). Usefulness of High-Sensitivity Cardiac Troponin T for the Identification of Outlier Patients With Diffuse Coronary Atherosclerosis and Low-Risk Factors. American Journal of Cardiology, 117(9):1397-404.

Denegri, Andrea; Moccetti, Tiziano; Moccetti, Marco; Spallarossa, Paolo; Brunelli, Claudio; Ameri, Pietro (2016). Cardiac toxicity of trastuzumab in elderly patients with breast cancer. Journal of Geriatric Cardiology, 13(4):355-363.

Denegri, Andrea; Petrova-Slater, Iveta; Pasotti, Elena; Rossi, Maria Grazia; Pedrazzini, Giovanni Battista; Moccetti, Tiziano; Moccetti, Marco (2016). PCSK9 inhibitors: an overview on a new promising lipid-lowering therapy. Journal of Cardiovascular Medicine, 17(4):237-244.

Vassalli, Giuseppe; Klersy, Catherine; De Servi, Stefano; Galatius, Soeren; Erne, Paul; Eberli, Franz; Rickli, Hans; Hornig, Burkhard; Bertel, Osmund; Bonetti, Piero; Moccetti, Tiziano; Kaiser, Christoph; Pfisterer, Matthias; Pedrazzini, Giovanni; BASKET-PROVE Investigators (2016). Can the optimal type of stent be predicted based on clinical risk factors? A subgroup analysis of the randomized BASKET-PROVE trial. American Heart Journal, 173:1-7.

Magnoni, Marco; Andreini, Daniele; Gorini, Marco; Moccetti, Tiziano; Modena, Maria Grazia; Canestrari, Mauro; Berti, Sergio; Casolo, Giancarlo; Gabrielli, Domenico; Marraccini, Paolo; Pontone, Gianluca; Masson, Serge; Latini, Roberto; Maggioni, Aldo Pietro; Maseri, Attilio; CAPIRE Study Group, ? (2016). Coronary atherosclerosis in outlier subjects at the opposite extremes of traditional risk factors: Rationale and preliminary results of the Coronary Atherosclerosis in outlier subjects: Protective and novel Individual Risk factors Evaluation (CAPIRE) study. American Heart Journal, 173:18-26.

Conte, Giulio; Caputo, Maria Luce; Regoli, François; Marcon, Serena; Klersy, Catherine; Adjibodou, Boris; Del Bufalo, Alessandro; Moccetti, Tiziano; Auricchio, Angelo (2016). True idiopathic ventricular fibrillation in out-of-hospital cardiac arrest survivors in the Swiss Canton Ticino: prevalence, clinical features, and long-term follow-up. Europace:Epub ahead of print.

Mauri, Romano; Burkart, Roman; Benvenuti, Claudio; Caputo, Maria Luce; Moccetti, Tiziano; Del Bufalo, Alessandro; Gallino, Augusto; Casso, Carlo; Anselmi, Luciano; Cassina, Tiziano; Klersy, Catherine; Auricchio, Angelo (2016). Better management of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest increases survival rate and improves neurological outcome in the Swiss Canton Ticino. Europace, 18(3):398-404.

Faletra, Francesco F; Pedrazzini, Giovanni; Pasotti, Elena; Moccetti, Tiziano (2016). Cardiologia interventistica. In: Nicolosi, G R; Anonitini-Canterin, F; Pavan, D; Piazza, R. Manuale di ecocardiografia clinica. Italy: Piccin Nuova Libraria S.p.A., 683-708.

Conte, Giulio; Regoli, Francois; Moccetti, Tiziano; Auricchio, Angelo (2016). Subcutaneous implantable cardioverter-defibrillator and drug-induced Brugada syndrome: the importance of repeat morphology analysis during ajmaline challenge. European Heart Journal, 37(19):1498.

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Sürder, Daniel; Gisler, Valentin; Corti, Roberto; Moccetti, Tiziano; Klersy, Catherine; Zuber, Michel; Windecker, Stephan; Moschovitis, Aris; Kozerke, Sebastian; Lüscher, Thomas Felix; Erne, Paul; Manka, Robert (2015). Thrombus formation in the left ventricle after large myocardial infarction – assessment with cardiac magnetic resonance imaging. Swiss Medical Weekly, 145:1-11.

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Kroon, Wilco; Lumens, Joost; Potse, Mark; Suerder, Daniel; Klersy, Catherine; Regoli, Francois; Murzilli, Romina; Moccetti, Tiziano; Delhaas, Tammo; Krause, Rolf; Prinzen, Frits W; Auricchio, Angelo (2015). In vivo electromechanical assessment of heart failure patients with prolonged QRS duration. Heart Rhythm, 12(6):1259-1267.

Bardelli, Silvana; Moccetti, Marco; Tallone, Tiziano; Barile, Lucio; Cervio, Elisabetta; Radrizzani, Marina; Turchetto, Lucia; Soncin, Sabrina; Lo Cicero, Viviana; Bolis, Sara; Andriolo, Gabriella; Sürder, Daniel; Vassalli, Giuseppe; Leri, Annarosa; Anversa, Piero; Moccetti, Tiziano (2015). Erratum to: Highlights from the 2014 Lugano Stem Cell Meeting. Journal of Cardiovascular Translational Research, 8(1):88.

Kaiser, Christoph; Galatius, Soeren; Jeger, Raban; Gilgen, Nicole; Jensen, Jan Skov; Naber, Christoph; Alber, Hannes; Wanitschek, Maria; Eberli, Franz; Kurz, David J; Pedrazzini, Giovanni; Moccetti, Tiziano; Rickli, Hans; Weilenmann, Daniel; Vuillomenet, André; Steiner, Martin; Felten, Stefanie Von; Vogt, Deborah R; Hansen, Kim Wadt; Rickenbacher, Peter; Conen, David; Müller, Christian; Buser, Peter; Hoffmann, Andreas; Pfisterer, Matthias (2015). Long-Term Efficacy and Safety of Biodegradable-Polymer Biolimus-Eluting Stents: Main Results of the Basel Stent Kosten-Effektivitäts Trial-PROspective Validation Examination II (BASKET-PROVE II), A Randomized, Controlled Noninferiority 2-Year Outcome Trial. Circulation, 131(1):74-81.

Nguyên, Uyên Châu; Potse, Mark; Regoli, François; Caputo, Maria Luce; Conte, Giulio; Murzilli, Romina; Muzzarelli, Stefano; Moccetti, Tiziano; Caiani, Enrico G; Prinzen, Frits W; Krause, Rolf; Auricchio, Angelo (2015). An in-silico analysis of the effect of heart position and orientation on the ECG morphology and vectorcardiogram parameters in patients with heart failure and intraventricular conduction defects. Journal of Electrocardiology, 48(4):617-625.

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