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Hoogewijs, D; Dewilde, S; Vierstraete, A; Moens, L; Vinogradov, S N (2012). A phylogenetic analysis of the globins in fungi. PLoS ONE, 7(2):e31856.

Hoogewijs, D; Ebner, B; Germani, F; Hoffmann, F G; Fabrizius, A; Moens, L; Burmester, T; Dewilde, S; Storz, J F; Vinogradov, S N; Hankeln, T (2012). Androglobin: a chimeric globin in metazoans that is preferentially expressed in mammalian testes. Molecular Biology and Evolution, 29(4):1105-1114.

Kiger, L; Tilleman, L; Geuens, E; Hoogewijs, D; Lechauve, C; Moens, L; Dewilde, S; Marden, M C (2011). Electron transfer function versus oxygen delivery: a comparative study for several hexacoordinated globins across the animal kingdom. PLoS ONE, 6(6):e20478.

Vinogradov, S N; Hoogewijs, D; Vanfleteren, J; Dewilde, S; Moens, L; Hankeln, T (2011). Evolution of the globin superfamily and its function. In: Nagai, M. Hemoglobin: recent development and topics. Kerala, IND: Research Signpost, 231-254.

Tilleman, L; Germani, F; De Henau, S; Geuens, E; Hoogewijs, D; Braeckman, B P; Vanfleteren, J R; Moens, L; Dewilde, S (2011). Globins in Caenorhabditis elegans. IUBMB Life, 63(3):166-174.

Geuens, E; Hoogewijs, D; Nardini, M; Vinck, E; Pesce, A; Kiger, L; Fago, A; Tilleman, L; De Henau, S; Marden, M C; Weber, R E; Van Doorslaer, S; Vanfleteren, J; Moens, L; Bolognesi, M; Dewilde, S (2010). Globin-like proteins in caenorhabditis elegans: in vivo localization, ligand binding and structural properties. BMC Biochemistry, 11:17.

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