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Mudry, Albert; Huber, Alexander; Eckhard, Andreas; Veraguth, Dorothe; Spillmann, Thomas; Röösli, Christof; Dillier, Norbert; Pfiffner, Flurin; Gysin, Claudine; Schmid, Stephan; Gerhard, Huber; Bohlender, Jörg; Holzmann, David; Soyka, Michael; Probst, Rudolf; Ott, Peter; Wettstein, Vincent; Peter-Siegrist, Nicole (2017). Zurich Otorhinolaryngology, Head & Neck Surgery Department 1917-2017. Zürich: Chronos Verlag.

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Péus, Dominik; Dobrev, Ivo; Prochazka, Lukas; Thoele, Konrad; Dalbert, Adrian; Boss, Andreas; Newcomb, Nicolas; Probst, Rudolf; Röösli, Christof; Sim, Jae Hoon; Huber, Alexander; Pfiffner, Flurin (2017). Sheep as a large animal ear model: Middle-ear ossicular velocities and intracochlear sound pressure. Hearing Research, 351:88-97.

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Bächinger, David; Röösli, Christof; Ditzen, Beate; Huber, Alexander M (2016). Development and validation of the Zurich chronic middle ear inventory (ZCMEI-21): an electronic questionnaire for assessing quality of life in patients with chronic otitis media. European Archives of Oto-Rhino-Laryngology, 273(10):3073-3081.

Dobrev, Ivo; Stenfelt, Stefan; Röösli, Christof; Bolt, Lucy; Pfiffner, Flurin; Gerig, Rahel; Huber, Alexander; Sim, Jae Hoon (2016). Influence of stimulation position on bone conduction sensitivity for bone conduction hearing aids without skin penetration. International Journal of Audiology, 55(8):439-446.

Farahmand, Rosemary B; Merchant, Gabrielle R; Lookabaugh, Sarah A; Röösli, Christof; Ulku, Cagatay H; McKenna, Michael J; de Venecia, Ronald K; Halpin, Christopher F; Rosowski, John J; Nakajima, Hideko H (2016). The audiometric and mechanical effects of partial ossicular discontinuity. Ear and Hearing, 37(2):206-215.

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Gerig, Rahel; Ihrle, Sebastian; Röösli, Christof; Dalbert, Adrian; Dobrev, Ivo; Pfiffner, Flurin; Eiber, Albrecht; Huber, Alexander M; Sim, Jae Hoon (2015). Contribution of the incudo-malleolar joint to middle-ear sound transmission. Hearing research, 327:218-226.

Fausch, Christian; Röösli, Christof (2015). The incudomalleolar articulation in down syndrome (trisomy 21): a temporal bone study. Otology & Neurotology, 36(2):348-353.

Merchant, Gabrielle R; Röösli, Christof; Niesten, Marlien E F; Hamade, Mohamad A; Lee, Daniel J; McKinnon, Melissa L; Ulku, Cagatay H; Rosowski, John J; Merchant, Saumil N; Nakajima, Hideko Heidi (2015). Power reflectance as a screening tool for the diagnosis of superior semicircular canal dehiscence. Otology & Neurotology, 36(1):172-177.

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Nimeskern, Luc; Pleumeekers, Mieke M; Pawson, Duncan J; Koevoet, Wendy L M; Lehtoviita, Iina; Soyka, Michael B; Röösli, Christof; Holzmann, David; van Osch, Gerjo J V M; Müller, Ralph; Stok, Kathryn S (2015). Mechanical and biochemical mapping of human auricular cartilage for reliable assessment of tissue-engineered constructs. Journal of Biomechanics, 48(10):1721-1729.

Sim, Jae Hoon; Xie, Youzhou; Karamuk, Erdal; von Kameke, Alexander; Holder, Jens Ten; Zbinden, Reinhard; Röösli, Christof; Huber, Alexander M (2014). Clinical and microbiological evaluation of an extended-wear hearing instrument. Audiology and Neurotology. Extra, 4(2):32-45.

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