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Kristensen, S D; Raatikainen, M J P; Andersen, K; Erglis, A; Foley, D P; Kuiper, K; Fox, K A A; Clarke, S C; Sinnaeve, P R; Widimsky, P; Münzel, T; Merkely, B; Piek, J J; Tendera, M; Studencan, M; Radovanovic, D; Lazarevic, A M; Reiner, Z; Avraamides, P; Filippatos, G; Mosseri, M; De Caterina, R; Petrovski, B; Ostojic, M; Noc, M; Haouala, H (2011). Cardiology in practice in Europe 2011: Acute ST elevation myocardial infarction. Circulation, 124(15):f85-f90.

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Cuculi, F; Radovanovic, D; Pedrazzini, G; Regli, M; Urban, P; Stauffer, J C; Erne, P (2010). Is pretreatment with Beta-blockers beneficial in patients with acute coronary syndrome? Cardiology, 115(2):91-97.

Widimsky, P; Wijns, W; Fajadet, J; de Belder, M; Knot, J; Aaberge, L; Andrikopoulos, G; Baz, J A; Betriu, A; Claeys, M; Danchin, N; Djambazov, S; Erne, P; Hartikainen, J; Huber, K; Kala, P; Klinceva, M; Kristensen, S D; Ludmann, P; Mauri Ferre, J; Merkley, B; Milicic, D; Morais, J; Noc, M; Opolski, G; Ostojic, M; Radovanovic, D; De Servi, S; Stenestrand, U; Studencan, M; Tubaro, M; Vasiljevic, Z; Weidinger, F; Witkowski, A; Zeymer, U (2010). Reperfusion therapy for ST elevation acute myocardial infarction in Europe: description of the current situation in 30 countries. European Heart Journal, 31(8):943-957.

Stolt Steiger, V; Goy, J J; Stauffer, J C; Radovanovic, D; Duvoisin, N; Urban, P; Bertel, O; Erne, P (2009). Significant decrease in in-hospital mortality and major adverse cardiac events in Swiss STEMI patients between 2000 and December 2007. Swiss Medical Weekly, 139(31-32):453-457.

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