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Moreno, Jose; Colombo, Roberto; Damm, Alexander; Goulas, Yves; Middleton, Elizabeth; Miglietta, Franco; Mohammed, Gina; Möttus, Matti; North, Peter; Rascher, Uwe; van der Tol, Christiaan; Drusch, Matthias (2017). Quantitative global mapping of terrestrial vegetation photosynthesis: The Fluorescence Explorer (FLEX) mission. In: 2017 IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium (IGARSS), Fort Worth (Texas, USA), 23 July 2017 - 28 July 2017, 435-438.

Middleton, Elizabeth; Rascher, Uwe; Corp, Lawrence; Huemmrich, Karl Fred; Cook, Bruce; Noormets, Asko; Schickling, Anke; Pinto, Francisco; Alonso, Luis; Damm, Alexander; Guanter, Luis; Colombo, Roberto; Campbell, Petya; Landis, David; Zhang, Qingyuan; Rossini, Micol; Schuettemeyer, Dirk; Bianchi, Remo (2017). The 2013 FLEX—US Airborne Campaign at the Parker Tract Loblolly Pine Plantation in North Carolina, USA. Remote Sensing, 9(6):612.

Wieneke, Sebastian; Ahrends, Hella; Damm, Alexander; Pinto, Francisco; Stadler, Anja; Rossini, Micol; Rascher, Uwe (2016). Airborne based spectroscopy of red and far-red sun-induced chlorophyll fluorescence: Implications for improved estimates of gross primary productivity. Remote Sensing of Environment, 184:654-667.

Schickling, Anke; Matveeva, Maria; Damm, Alexander; Schween, Jan; Wahner, Andreas; Graf, Alexander; Crewell, Susanne; Rascher, Uwe (2016). Combining sun-induced chlorophyll fluorescence and photochemical reflectance index improves diurnal modeling of gross primary productivity. Remote Sensing, 8(7):574.

Pinto, Francisco; Damm, Alexander; Schickling, Anke; Panigada, Cinzia; Cogliati, Sergio; Müller-Linow, Mark; Balvora, Agim; Rascher, Uwe (2016). Sun-induced chlorophyll fluorescence from high-resolution imaging spectroscopy data to quantify spatio-temporal patterns of photosynthetic function in crop canopies. Plant, Cell & Environment, 39(7):1500-1512.

von Bueren, Stefanie K; Burkart, Andreas; Hueni, Andreas; Rascher, Uwe; Tuohy, Mike P; Yule, Ian (2015). Deploying four optical UAV-based sensors over grassland: challenges and limitations. Biogeosciences, 12(1):163-175.

Rossini, Micol; Nedbal, L; Guanter, Luis; Ač, Alexander; Alonso, Luis; Burkart, Andreas; Cogliati, S; Colombo, R; Damm, Alexander; Drusch, M; Hanuš, Jan; Janoutova, R; Julitta, T; Kokkalis, P; Moreno, J; Novotný, Jan; Panigada, C; Pinto, Francisco; Schickling, Anke; Schüttemeyer, D; Zemek, F; Rascher, Uwe (2015). Red and far red sun-induced chlorophyll fluorescence as a measure of plant photosynthesis. Geophysical Research Letters, 42(6):1632-1639.

Rascher, Uwe; Alonso, L; Burkart, Andreas; Cilia, C; Cogliati, S; Colombo, R; Damm, Alexander; Drusch, Matthias; Guanter, Luis; Hanuš, Jan; Hyvärinen, Timo; Julitta, T; Jussila, Jouni; Kataja, Kari; Kokkalis, P; Kraft, S; Kraska, Thorsten; Matveeva, Maria; Moreno, Jose; Muller, Onno; Panigada, C; Pikl, M; Pinto, Francisco; Prey, L; Pude, Ralf; Rossini, Micol; Schickling, Anke; Schurr, U; Schüttemeyer, D; Verrelst, Jochem; Zemek, F (2015). Sun-induced fluorescence - a new probe of photosynthesis: First maps from the imaging spectrometer HyPlant. Global Change Biology, 21(12):4673-4684.

von Bueren, Stefanie; Burkart, Andreas; Hueni, Andreas; Rascher, Uwe; Tuohy, Mike; Yule, Ian (2014). Comparative validation of UAV based sensors for the use in vegetation monitoring. Biogeosciences Discussions, 11(3):3837-3864.

Damm, Alexander; Guanter, Luis; Laurent, Valérie C E; Schaepman, Michael E; Schickling, Anke; Rascher, Uwe (2014). FLD-based retrieval of sun-induced chlorophyll fluorescence from medium spectral resolution airborne spectroscopy data. Remote Sensing of Environment, 147:256-266.

Damm, Alexander; Kneubühler, Mathias; Schaepman, Michael E; Rascher, Uwe (2012). Evaluation of gross primary production (GPP) variability over several ecosystems in Switzerland using sun-induced chlorophyll fluorescence derived from APEX data. In: Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium (IGARSS), 2012 IEEE International, Munich, Germany, 22 July 2012 - 27 July 2012, 7133-7136.

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