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Hoffmann, Alexandra; Plötner, J; Pruvost, Nicolas B M; Christiansen, D G; Röthlisberger, Sandra; Choleva, Lukas; Mikulicek, Peter; Cogalniceanu, Dan; Sas-Kovacs, Istvan; Shabanov, Dmitry; Morozov-Leonov, Svyatoslav; Reyer, Heinz-Ulrich (2015). Genetic diversity and distribution patterns of diploid and polyploid hybrid water frog populations ( Pelophylax esculentus complex) across Europe. Molecular Ecology, 24:4371-4391.

Reyer, Heinz-Ulrich; Arioli-Jakob, Christian; Arioli, Martina (2015). Post-zygotic selection against parental genotypes during larval development maintains all-hybrid populations of the frog Pelophylax esculentus. BMC Evolutionary Biology, 15:131.

Hoffmann, Alexandra; Abt Tietje, Gaby; Reyer, Heinz-Ulrich (2015). Spatial behavior in relation to mating systems: movement patterns, nearest-neighbor distances, and mating success in diploid and polyploid frog hybrids (Pelophylax esculentus). Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology, 69:501-517.

Pruvost, Nicolas B M; Mikulicek, P; Choleva, L; Reyer, Heinz-Ulrich (2014). Contrasting reproductive strategies of triploid hybrid males in vertebrate mating systems. Journal of Evolutionary Biology, 28:189-204.

Pruvost, Nicolas B M; Hoffmann, Alexandra; Reyer, Heinz-Ulrich (2013). Gamete production patterns, ploidy, and population genetics reveal evolutionary significant units in hybrid water frogs (Pelophylax esculentus). Ecology and Evolution, 3(9):2933-2946.

Hoffmann, Alexandra; Reyer, Heinz-Ulrich (2013). Genomic effects on advertisement call structure in diploid and triploid hybrid waterfrogs (Anura, Pelophylax esculentus). BMC Ecology, 13:47.

Pruvost, Nicolas B M; Hollinger, Daniel; Reyer, Heinz-Ulrich (2013). Genotype-temperature interactions on larval performance shape population structure in hybridogenetic water frogs (Pelophylax esculentus complex). Functional Ecology, 27:459-471.

Stöhr, Anke C; Hoffmann, Alexandra; Papp, Tibor; Pruvost, Nicolas B M; Reyer, Heinz-Ulrich; Marschang, Rachel E (2013). Long-term study of an infection with ranaviruses in a group of edible frogs (Pelophylaxkl.esculentus) and partial characterization of two viruses based on four genomic regions. The Veterinary Journal, 197:238-244.

Embrechts, Eline; Reyer, Heinz-Ulrich (2012). Age and size of hybrid water frogs: The role of genotype and ecology. Herpetologica, 68(4):468-481.

Reyer, Heinz-Ulrich (2011). Alles nur Zufall? Darwins Evolutionstheorie in ihrer heutigen Gestalt. In: Reyer, Heinz-Ulrich; Schmid-Hempel, Paul. Darwins langer Arm - Evolutionstheorie heute. Zürich: vdf Hochschulverlag, 17-36.

Weder, Hans (2011). Die Fitness und die Religion. In: Schmid-Hempel, Paul; Reyer, Heinz-Ulrich. Darwins langer Arm - Evolutionstheorie heute. Zürich: Vdf Hochschulverlag, 221-233.

Reyer, Heinz-Ulrich; Reyer, Heide (2011). „Sein Charakter ist ausserordentlich verträglich“ : Briefe und Notizen von Charles und Emma Darwin. In: Evolution, Ringvorlesung, 2011 - 2011.

Keller, Lukas F; Postma, Erik (2010). Darwin und die Folgen der Inzucht. In: Reyer, Heinz-Ulrich; Schmid-Hempel, Paul. Darwin und die Evolutionstheorie in der heutigen Zeit. vdf Hochschulverlag AG: Zürcher Hochschulforum.

Reyer, Heinz-Ulrich; Schmid-Hempel, Paul (2009). Darwin year 09 : 200 Jahre Darwin : 150 Jahre Evolutionstheorie : Ausstellungsführer - Guide. In: Darwin year 09, Zurich, 2009 - 2009.

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