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Barrantes-Freer, Alonso; Engel, Aylin Sophie; Rodríguez-Villagra, Odir Antonio; Winkler, Anne; Bergmann, Markus; Mawrin, Christian; Kuempfel, Tania; Pellkofer, Hannah; Metz, Imke; Bleckmann, Annalen; Hernández-Durán, Silvia; Schippling, Sven; Rushing, Elisabeth J; Frank, Stephan; Glatzel, Markus; Matschke, Jakob; Hartmann, Christian; Reifenberger, Guido; Müller, Wolf; Schildhaus, Hans-Ulrich; Brück, Wolfgang; Stadelmann, Christine (2018). Diagnostic red flags: steroid-treated malignant CNS lymphoma mimicking autoimmune inflammatory demyelination. Brain Pathology, 28(2):225-233.

Klinzing, Stephanie; Wenger, Urs; Stretti, Federica; Steiger, Peter; Rushing, Elisabeth J; Schwarz, Urs; Maggiorini, Marco (2017). Neurologic Injury With Severe Adult Respiratory Distress Syndrome in Patients Undergoing Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation: A Single-Center Retrospective Analysis. Anesthesia and Analgesia, 125(5):1544-1548.

Schneider, Hannah; Lohmann, Birthe; Wirsching, Hans-Georg; Hasenbach, Kathy; Rushing, Elisabeth J; Frei, Karl; Pruschy, Martin; Tabatabai, Ghazaleh; Weller, Michael (2017). Age-associated and therapy-induced alterations in the cellular microenvironment of experimental gliomas. OncoTarget, 8(50):87124-87135.

Leske, Henning; Brandal, Petter; Rushing, Elisabeth J; Niehusmann, Pitt (2017). IDH-mutant giant cell glioblastoma: A neglected tumor variant? Clinical Neuropathology, 36(11):293-295.

Kirschenbaum, Daniel; Prömmel, Peter; Vasella, Flavio; Haralambieva, Eugenia; Marques Maggio, Ewerton; Reisch, Robert; Beer, Marc; Camenisch, Ulrike; Rushing, Elisabeth J (2017). Fibrin-associated diffuse large B-cell lymphoma in a hemorrhagic cranial arachnoid cyst. Acta Neuropathologica Communications, 5:60.

Schnitzler, Lukas J; Schreckenbach, Tobias; Nadaj-Pakleza, Aleksandra; Stenzel, Werner; Rushing, Elisabeth J; Van Damme, Philip; Ferbert, Andreas; Petri, Susanne; Hartmann, Christian; Bornemann, Antje; Meisel, Andreas; Petersen, Jens A; Tousseyn, Thomas; Thal, Dietmar R; Reimann, Jens; De Jonghe, Peter; Martin, Jean-Jacques; Van den Bergh, Peter Y; Schulz, Jörg B; Weis, Joachim; Claeys, Kristl G (2017). Sporadic late-onset nemaline myopathy: clinico-pathological characteristics and review of 76 cases. Orphanet Journal of Rare Diseases, 12(1):86.

Myers, Kenneth A; Mandelstam, Simone A; Ramantani, Georgia; Rushing, Elisabeth J; de Vries, Bert B; Koolen, David A; Scheffer, Ingrid E (2017). The epileptology of Koolen-de Vries syndrome: Electro-clinico-radiologic findings in 31 patients. Epilepsia, 58(6):1085-1094.

Velz, Julia; Neidert, Marian Christoph; Bozinov, Oliver; Grotzer, Michael; Kirschenbaum, Daniel; Rushing, Elisabeth J (2017). Isolated intracerebral Langerhans cell histiocytosis with multifocal lesions. Pediatric Blood & Cancer, 64(11):e26546.

Ineichen, Benjamin V; Weinmann, Oliver; Good, Nicolas; Plattner, Patricia S; Wicki, Carla; Rushing, Elisabeth J; Linnebank, Michael; Schwab, Martin E (2017). Sudan black: a fast, easy and non-toxic method to assess myelin repair in demyelinating diseases. Neuropathology and Applied Neurobiology, 43(3):242-251.

Weller, Michael; Roth, Patrick; Sahm, Felix; Burghardt, Isabel; Schuknecht, Bernhard; Rushing, Elisabeth J; Regli, Luca; Lindemann, Justin P; von Deimling, Andreas (2017). Durable Control of Metastatic AKT1-Mutant WHO Grade 1 Meningothelial Meningioma by the AKT Inhibitor, AZD5363. Journal of the National Cancer Institute, 109(3):1-4.

Neidert, Marian C; Leske, Henning; Frontzek, Karl; Bode, Beata; Capper, David; Regli, Luca; Rushing, Elisabeth J (2017). A 49-year old female with multiple extra-axial tumors. Brain Pathology, 27(2):235-236.

Nuvolone, Mario; Schmid, Nicolas; Miele, Gino; Sorce, Silvia; Moos, Rita; Schori, Christian; Beerli, Roger R; Bauer, Monika; Saudan, Philippe; Dietmeier, Klaus; Lachmann, Ingolf; Linnebank, Michael; Martin, Roland; Kallweit, Ulf; Kana, Veronika; Rushing, Elisabeth J; Budka, Herbert; Aguzzi, Adriano (2017). Cystatin F is a biomarker of prion pathogenesis in mice. PLoS ONE, 12(2):e0171923.

Frese, Sebastian; Petersen, Jens A; Ligon-Auer, Maria; Mueller, Sandro Manuel; Mihaylova, Violeta; Gehrig, Saskia M; Kana, Veronika; Rushing, Elisabeth J; Unterburger, Evelyn; Kägi, Georg; Burgunder, Jean-Marc; Toigo, Marco; Jung, Hans H (2017). Exercise effects in Huntington disease. Journal of Neurology, 264(1):32-39.

Mizbani, Amir; Luca, Edlira; Rushing, Elisabeth J; Krützfeldt, Jan (2016). MicroRNA deep sequencing in two adult stem cell populations identifies miR-501 as a novel regulator of myosin heavy chain during muscle regeneration. Development, 143(22):4137-4148.

Lehman, Norman L; Hattab, Eyas M; Mobley, Bret C; Usubalieva, Aisulu; Schniederjan, Matthew J; McLendon, Roger E; Paulus, Werner; Rushing, Elisabeth J; Georgescu, Maria-Magdalena; Couce, Marta; Dulai, Mohanpal S; Cohen, Mark L; Pierson, Christopher R; Raisanen, Jack M; Martin, Sarah E; Lehman, Trang D; Lipp, Eric S; Bonnin, Jose M; Al-Abbadi, Mousa A; Kenworthy, Kara; Zhao, Kevin; Mohamed, Nehad; Zhang, Guojuan; Zhao, Weiqiang (2016). Morphological and molecular features of astroblastoma, including BRAFV600E mutations, suggest an ontological relationship to other cortical-based gliomas of children and young adults. Neuro-Oncology, 19(1):31-42.

Zhu, Caihong; Herrmann, Uli S; Falsig, Jeppe; Abakumova, Irina; Nuvolone, Mario; Schwarz, Petra; Frauenknecht, Katrin; Rushing, Elisabeth J; Aguzzi, Adriano (2016). A neuroprotective role for microglia in prion diseases. Journal of Experimental Medicine, 213(6):1047-1059.

Galimov, Artur; Merry, Troy L; Luca, Edlira; Rushing, Elisabeth J; Mizbani, Amir; Turcekova, Katarina; Hartung, Angelika; Croce, Carlo M; Ristow, Michael; Krützfeldt, Jan (2016). microRNA-29a in adult muscle stem cells controls skeletal muscle regeneration during injury and exercise downstream of fibroblast growth factor-2. Stem Cells, 34(3):768-780.

Gugger, Alenka; Barnhill, Raymond L; Seifert, Burkhardt; Dehler, Silvia; Moch, Holger; Lugassy, Claire; Marques-Maggio, Ewerton; Rushing, Elisabeth J; Mihic-Probst, Daniela (2016). Cutaneous melanoma with brain metastasis: Report of 193 patients with new observations. PLoS ONE, 11(5):e0156115.

Seredenina, Tamara; Nayernia, Zeynab; Sorce, Silvia; Maghzal, Ghassan J; Filippova, Aleksandra; Ling, Shuo-Chien; Basset, Olivier; Plastre, Olivier; Daali, Youssef; Rushing, Elisabeth J; Giordana, Maria T; Cleveland, Don W; Aguzzi, Adriano; Stocker, Roland; Krause, Karl-Heinz; Jaquet, Vincent (2016). Evaluation of NADPH oxidases as drug targets in a mouse model of familial amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Free Radical Biology & Medicine, 97:95-108.

Soliman, Radwa K; Budai, Caterina; Mundada, Pravin; Aljohani, Bakar; Rushing, Elisabeth J; Kollias, Spyros S (2016). Suprasellar pilocytic astrocytoma in an adult with hemorrhage and leptomeningeal dissemination: case report and review of literature. Radiology Case Reports, 11(4):411-418.

Neidert, Marian C; Leske, Henning; Burkhardt, Jan-Karl; Kollias, Spyros S; Capper, David; Schrimpf, Daniel; Regli, Luca; Rushing, Elisabeth J (2016). Synchronous pituitary adenoma and pituicytoma. Human Pathology, 47(1):138-143.

Herrmann, Uli S; Schütz, Anne K; Shirani, Hamid; Huang, Danzhi; Saban, Dino; Nuvolone, Mario; Li, Bei; Ballmer, Boris; Aslund, Andreas; Mason, Jeffrey J; Rushing, Elisabeth J; Budka, Herbert; Nystrom, Sofie; Hammarstrom, Per; Böckmann, Anja; Caflisch, Amedeo; Meier, Beat H; Nilsson, K Peter R; Hornemann, Simone; Aguzzi, Adriano (2015). Structure-based drug design identifies polythiophenes as antiprion compounds. Science Translational Medicine, 7(299):299ra123.

Könnecke, Helen K; Rushing, Elisabeth J; Neidert, Marian Christoph; Reimann, Regina; Regli, Luca; Bozinov, Oliver; Burkhardt, Jan-Karl (2015). Heterogeneous Appearance of Central Nervous System Involvement in Malignant Mixed Müllerian Tumors. Journal of Neurological Surgery. Part A: Central European Neurosurgery, 77(05):447-451.

Blumenthal, Deborah T; Rankin, Cathryn; Stelzer, Keith J; Spence, Alexander M; Sloan, Andrew E; Moore, Dennis F; Padula, Gilbert D A; Schulman, Susan B; Wade, Mark L; Rushing, Elisabeth J (2015). A Phase III study of radiation therapy (RT) and O6-benzylguanine + BCNU versus RT and BCNU alone and methylation status in newly diagnosed glioblastoma and gliosarcoma: Southwest Oncology Group (SWOG) study S0001. International Journal of Clinical Oncology, 20(4):650-658.

Petersen, Jens A; Kuntzer, Thierry; Fischer, Dirk; von der Hagen, Maja; Huebner, Angela; Kana, Veronika; Lobrinus, Johannes A; Kress, Wolfram; Rushing, Elisabeth J; Sinnreich, Michael; Jung, Hans H (2015). Dysferlinopathy in Switzerland: clinical phenotypes and potential founder effects. BMC Neurology, 15(182):online.

Rushing, Elisabeth J; Wesseling, Pieter (2015). Towards an integrated morphological and molecular WHO diagnosis of central nervous system tumors. Current Opinion in Neurology, 28(6):628-632.

Zhu, Caihong; Herrmann, Uli S; Li, Bei; Abakumova, Irina; Moos, Rita; Schwarz, Petra; Rushing, Elisabeth J; Colonna, Marco; Aguzzi, Adriano (2015). Triggering receptor expressed on myeloid cells-2 is involved in prion-induced microglial activation but does not contribute to prion pathogenesis in mouse brains. Neurobiology of Aging, 36(5):1994-2003.

Varsani, Hemlata; Charman, Susan C; Li, Charles K; Marie, Suely K N; Amato, Anthony A; Banwell, Brenda; Bove, Kevin E; Corse, Andrea M; Emslie-Smith, Alison M; Jacques, Thomas S; Lundberg, Ingrid E; Minetti, Carlo; Nennesmo, Inger; Rushing, Elisabeth J; Sallum, Adriana M E; Sewry, Caroline; Pilkington, Clarissa A; Holton, Janice L; Wedderburn, Lucy R (2015). Validation of a score tool for measurement of histological severity in juvenile dermatomyositis and association with clinical severity of disease. Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases, 74(1):204-210.

Branscheidt, Meret; Frontzek, Karl; Bozinov, Oliver; Valavanis, Anton; Rushing, Elisabeth J; Weller, Michael; Wegener, Susanne (2014). Etoposide/carboplatin chemotherapy for the treatment of metastatic myxomatous cerebral aneurysms. Journal of Neurology, 261(4):828-830.

Smith, Alice Boyd; Horkanyne-Szakaly, Iren; Schroeder, Jason W; Rushing, Elisabeth J (2014). From the radiologic pathology archives: Mass lesions of the dura: beyond meningioma—radiologic-pathologic correlation. Radiographics, 34(2):295-312.

Rushing, Elisabeth J (2013). Muscle Involvement in Connective Tissue Disorders: Polyarteritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Systemic Lupus Erythematosus, Systemic Sclerosis, and Sjögren Syndrome. In: Goebel, Hans H; Sewry, Caroline A; Weller, Roy O. Muscle Disease: Pathology and Genetics. New York: Wiley-Blackwell, 313-315.

Foit, N A; Neidert, M C; Woernle, C M; Rushing, Elisabeth J; Krayenbühl, N (2013). Bifocal extra- and intradural melanocytoma of the spine: case report and literature review. European Spine Journal, 22(Suppl 3):521-525.

Zeilhofer, Ulrike B; Scheer, Ianina; Warmuth-Metz, Monika; Rushing, Elisabeth J; Pietsch, Torsten; Boltshauser, Eugen; Grotzer, Michael A; Gerber, Nicolas U (2013). Natural history of a medulloblastoma: 30 months of wait and see in a child with a cerebellar incidentaloma. Child's Nervous System, 29(7):1207-1210.

Magagna-Poveda, Alejandra; Frontzek, Karl; Bode-Lesniewska, Beata; Rushing, Elisabeth J (2013). A 59-year-old woman with a retroauricular tumor. Brain Pathology, 23(5):603-604.

Hütt-Cabezas, Marianne; Karajannis, Matthias A; Zagzag, David; Shah, Smit; Horkayne-Szakaly, Iren; Rushing, Elisabeth J; Cameron, J Douglas; Jain, Deepali; Eberhart, Charles G; Raabe, Eric H; Rodriguez, Fausto J (2013). Activation of mTORC1/mTORC2 signaling in pediatric low-grade glioma and pilocytic astrocytoma reveals mTOR as a therapeutic target. Neuro-Oncology, 15(12):1604-1614.

Manoli, Irini; Kwan, Justin Y; Wang, Qian; Rushing, Elisabeth J; Tsokos, Maria; Arai, Andrew E; Burch, Warner M; Dispenzieri, Angela; McPherron, Alexandra C; Gahl, William A (2013). Chronic myopathy due to immunoglobulin light chain amyloidosis. Molecular Genetics and Metabolism, 108(4):249-254.

Deuster, Patricia A; Contreras-Sesvold, Carmen L; O'Connor, Francis G; Campbell, William W; Kenney, Kimbra; Capacchione, John F; Landau, Mark E; Muldoon, Sheila M; Rushing, Elisabeth J; Heled, Yuval (2013). Genetic polymorphisms associated with exertional rhabdomyolysis. European Journal of Applied Physiology, 113(8):1997-2004.

Keller, Annika; Westenberger, Ana; Sobrido, Maria J; García-Murias, Maria; Domingo, Aloysius; Sears, Renee L; Lemos, Roberta R; Ordoñez-Ugalde, Andres; Nicolas, Gael; da Cunha, José E Gomes; Rushing, Elisabeth J; Hugelshofer, Michael; Wurnig, Moritz C; Kaech, Andres; Reimann, Regina; Lohmann, Katja; Dobričić, Valerija; Carracedo, Angel; Petrović, Igor; Miyasaki, Janis M; Abakumova, Irina; Mäe, Maarja Andaloussi; Raschperger, Elisabeth; Zatz, Mayana; Zschiedrich, Katja; Klepper, Jörg; Spiteri, Elizabeth; Prieto, Jose M; Navas, Inmaculada; Preuss, Michael; Dering, Carmen; Janković, Milena; Paucar, Martin; Svenningsson, Per; Saliminejad, Kioomars; Khorshid, Hamid R K; Novaković, Ivana; Aguzzi, Adriano; Boss, Andreas; Le Ber, Isabelle; Defer, Gilles; Hannequin, Didier; Kostić, Vladimir S; Campion, Dominique; Geschwind, Daniel H; Coppola, Giovanni; Betsholtz, Christer; Klein, Christine; Oliveira, Joao R M (2013). Mutations in the gene encoding PDGF-B cause brain calcifications in humans and mice. Nature Genetics, 45(9):1077-1082.

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Lai, Jin-Ping; Liu, Yen-Chun; Alimchandani, Meghna; Liu, Qingyan; Aung, Phyu Phyu; Matsuda, Kant; Lee, Chyi-Chia R; Tsokos, Maria; Hewitt, Stephen; Rushing, Elisabeth J; Tamura, Deborah; Levens, David L; Digiovanna, John J; Fine, Howard A; Patronas, Nicholas; Khan, Sikandar G; Kleiner, David E; Oberholtzer, J Carl; Quezado, Martha M; Kraemer, Kenneth H (2013). The influence of DNA repair on neurological degeneration, cachexia, skin cancer and internal neoplasms: autopsy report of four xeroderma pigmentosum patients (XP-A, XP-C and XP-D). Acta Neuropathologica Communications, 1:4.

Nakamura, Sohei; Hikita, Naofumi; Yamakawa, Ryoji; Moriya, Fukuko; Yano, Hirohisa; Furusato, Emiko; Cameron, J Douglas; Rushing, Elisabeth J (2012). A clinically challenging diagnosis of adenoma of the retinal pigment epithelium presenting with clinical features of choroidal hemangioma. Clinical Ophthalmology, 6:497-502.

Morse, Caryn G; Voss, Joachim G; Rakocevic, Goran; McLaughlin, Mary; Vinton, Carol L; Huber, Charles; Hu, Xiaojun; Yang, Jun; Huang, Da Wei; Logun, Carolea; Danner, Robert L; Rangel, Zoila G; Munson, Peter J; Orenstein, Jan M; Rushing, Elisabeth J; Lempicki, Richard A; Dalakas, Marinos C; Kovacs, Joseph A (2012). HIV infection and antiretroviral therapy have divergent effects on mitochondria in adipose tissue. Journal of Infectious Diseases, 205(12):1778-1787.

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Soderlund, Karl A; Smith, Alice Boyd; Rushing, Elisabeth J; Smirniotopolous, James G (2012). Radiologic-pathologic correlation of pediatric and adolescent spinal neoplasms: Part 2, Intradural extramedullary spinal neoplasms. American Journal of Roentgenology, 198(1):44-51.

Lemm, Doreen; de Oliveira, Francine Hehn; Bernays, René-Ludwig; Kockro, Ralf Alfons; Kollias, Spyros; Fischer, Ingeborg; Rushing, Elisabeth J (2012). Rare suprasellar glioblastoma: report of two cases and review of the literature. Brain Tumor Pathology, 29(4):216-20.

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Zhang, Xiaojie; Meng, He; Blaivas, Mila; Rushing, Elisabeth J; Moore, Brian E; Schwartz, Jessica; Lopes, M Beatriz S; Worrall, Bradford B; Wang, Michael M (2012). Von Willebrand Factor permeates small vessels in CADASIL and inhibits smooth muscle gene expression. Translational Stroke Research, 3(1):138-145.

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