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Ellegast, J M; Rauch, P J; Kovtonyuk, L V; Müller, R; Wagner, U; Saito, Y; Wildner-Verhey van Wijk, N; Fritz, C; Rafiei, A; Lysenko, V; Dudkiewicz, E; Theocharides, A P; Soldini, D; Goede, J S; Flavell, R A; Manz, M G (2016). inv(16) and NPM1$^{mut}$ AMLs engraft human cytokine knock-in mice. Blood, 128(17):2130-2134.

Saito, Y; Ellegast, J M; Rafiei, A; Song, Y; Kull, D; Heikenwalder, M; Rongvaux, A; Halene, S; Flavell, R A; Manz, M G (2016). Peripheral blood CD34$^+$ cells efficiently engraft human cytokine knock-in mice. Blood, 128(14):1829-1833.

Saito, Y; Ellegast, J M; Manz, M G (2016). Generation of humanized mice for analysis of human dendritic cells. In: Segura, Elodie; Onai, Nobuyuki. Dendritic Cell Protocols. New York: Springer, 309-320.

Balmer, M L; Schürch, C M; Saito, Y; Geuking, M B; Li, H; Cuenca, M; Kovtonyuk, L V; Mc Coy, K D; Hapfelmeier, S; Ochsenbein, A F; Manz, M G; Slack, E; Mcpherson, A J (2014). Microbiota-derived compounds drive steady-state granulopoiesis via MyD88/TICAM signaling. Journal of Immunology, 193(10):5273-5283.

Bolisetty, S; Boddupalli, C S; Handschin, S; Chaitanya, K; Adamcik, J; Saito, Y; Manz, M G; Mezzenga, R (2014). Amyloid fibrils enhance transport of metal nanoparticles in living cells and induced cytotoxicity. Biomacromolecules, 15(7):2793-2799.

Rongvaux, A; Willinger, T; Martinek, J; Strowig, T; Gearty, S V; Teichmann, L L; Saito, Y; Marches, F; Halene, S; Palucka, A K; Manz, M G; Flavell, R A (2014). Development and function of human innate immune cells in a humanized mouse model. Nature Biotechnology, 32(4):364-372.

Saito, Y; Boddupalli, C S; Borsotti, C; Manz, M G (2013). Dendritic cell homeostasis is maintained by nonhematopoietic and T-cell-produced Flt3-ligand in steady state and during immune responses. European Journal of Immunology, 6(43):1651-1658.

Schmid, M A; Takizawa, H; Baumjohann, D R; Saito, Y; Manz, M G (2011). Bone marrow dendritic cell progenitors sense pathogens via toll-like receptors and subsequently migrate to inflamed lymph nodes. Blood, 118(18):4829-4840.

Cortázar, D; Kunz, C; Selfridge, J; Lettieri, T; Saito, Y; Macdougall, E; Wirz, A; Schuermann, D; Jacobs, A L; Siegrist, F; Steinacher, R; Jiricny, J; Bird, A; Schär, P (2011). Embryonic lethal phenotype reveals a function of TDG in maintaining epigenetic stability. Nature, 470(7334):419-423.

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