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Giesen, Athene; Blanckenhorn, Wolf U; Schäfer, Martin A (2017). Behavioural mechanisms of reproductive isolation between two hybridizing dung fly species. Animal Behaviour, 132:155-166.

Rohner, Patrick T; Blanckenhorn, Wolf U; Schäfer, Martin A (2017). Critical weight mediates sex-specific body size plasticity and sexual dimorphism in the yellow dung fly Scathophaga stercoraria (Diptera: Scathophagidae). Evolution & Development, 19(3):147-156.

Puniamoorthy, Nalini; Schäfer, Martin A; Römbke, Jörg; Meier, Rudolf; Blanckenhorn, Wolf U (2014). Ivermectin sensitivity is an ancient trait affecting all ecdysozoa but shows phylogenetic clustering among sepsid flies. Evolutionary Applications, 7(5):548-554.

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Puniamoorthy, Nalini; Blanckenhorn, Wolf U; Schäfer, Martin A (2012). Differential investment in pre- versus post-copulatory sexual selection reinforces a cross-continental reversal of sexual size dimorphism in Sepsis punctum (Diptera: Sepsidae). Journal of Evolutionary Biology, 25(11):2253-2263.

Puniamoorthy, Nalini; Schäfer, Martin A; Blanckenhorn, Wolf U (2012). Sexual selection accounts for the geographic reversal of sexual size dimorphism in the dung fly, Sepsis punctum (Diptera: Sepsidae). Evolution, International Journal of Organic Evolution, 66(7):2117-2126.

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Schäfer, Martin A; Misof, Bernhard; Uhl, Gabriele (2008). Effects of body size of both sexes and female mating history on male mating behaviour and paternity success in a spider. Animal Behaviour, 76(1):75-86.

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