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Zbinden, A; Dürig, R; Shah, C; Böni, J; Schüpbach, J (2016). Importance of an Early HIV Antibody Differentiation Immunoassay for Detection of Dual Infection with HIV-1 and HIV-2. PLoS ONE, 11(6):online.

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Schüpbach, J; Niederhauser, C; Yerly, S; Regenass, S; Gorgievski, M; Aubert, V; Ciardo, D; Klimkait, T; Dollenmaier, G; Andreutti, C; Martinetti, G; Brandenberger, M; Gebhardt, M D (2015). Decreasing proportion of recent infections among newly diagnosed HIV-1 cases in Switzerland, 2008 to 2013 based on line-immunoassay-based algorithms. PLoS ONE, 10(7):e0131828.

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Schüpbach, J; Bisset, L R; Gebhardt, M D; Regenass, S; Bürgisser, P; Gorgievski, M; Klimkait, T; Andreutti, C; Martinetti, G; Niederhauser, C; Yerly, S; Pfister, S; Schultze, D; Brandenberger, M; Schöni-Affolter, F; Scherrer, A U; Gunthard, H F (2012). Diagnostic performance of line-immunoassay based algorithms for incident HIV-1 infection. BMC Infectious Diseases, 12(88):1471-2334.

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Schüpbach, J; Bisset, L R; Regenass, S; Bürgisser, P; Gorgievski, M; Steffen, I; Andreutti, C; Martinetti, G; Shah, C; Yerly, S; Klimkait, T; Gebhardt, M; Schöni-Affolter, F; Rickenbach, M (2011). High specificity of line-immunoassay based algorithms for recent HIV-1 infection independent of viral subtype and stage of disease. BMC Infectious Diseases, 11(1):254.

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Günthard, H F; Huber, M; Kuster, H; Shah, C; Schüpbach, J; Trkola, A; Böni, J (2009). HIV-1 superinfection in an HIV-2-infected woman with subsequent control of HIV-1 plasma viremia. Clinical Infectious Diseases, 48(11):e117-e120.

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Erikstrup, C; Kallestrup, P; Zinyama-Gutsire, R B; Gomo, E; Lüneborg-Nielsen, M; Gerstoft, J; Schüpbach, J; Ullum, H; Katzenstein, T L (2008). p24 as a predictor of mortality in a cohort of HIV-1-infected adults in rural Africa. JAIDS Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes, 48(3):345-349.

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Brinkhof, M W G; Böni, J; Steiner, F; Tomasik, Z; Nadal, D; Schüpbach, J (2006). Evaluation of p24-based antiretroviral treatment monitoring in pediatric HIV-1 infection: prediction of the CD4+ T-cell changes between consecutive visits. JAIDS Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes, 41(5):557-562.

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Deichmann, M; Huder, J B; Kleist, C; Näher, H; Schüpbach, J; Böni, J (2005). Detection of reverse transcriptase activity in human melanoma cell lines and identification of a murine leukemia virus contaminant. Archives of Dermatological Research, 296(8):345-352.

Schüpbach, J (2004). SHCS und die Labordiagnostik der HIV-Infektion - von der Entwicklung des HIV Western Blot über die Virusquantifizierung zur klinisch relevanten individuellen Viruscharakterisierung. Therapeutische Umschau, 61(10):603-607.

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Schüpbach, J; Böni, J; Bisset, L R; Tomasik, Z; Fischer, M; Günthard, H F; Ledergerber, B; Opravil, M (2003). HIV-1 p24 antigen is a significant inverse correlate of CD4 T-cell change in patients with suppressed viremia under long-term antiretroviral therapy. JAIDS Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes, 33(3):292-299.

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