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Brüggemann, C; Kirchberger, M C; Goldinger, S M; Weide, B; Konrad, A; Erdmann, M; Schadendorf, D; Croner, R S; Krähenbühl, L; Kähler, K C; Hafner, C; Leisgang, W; Kiesewetter, F; Dummer, R; Schuler, G; Stürzl, M; Heinzerling, L (2017). Predictive value of PD-L1 based on mRNA level in the treatment of stage IV melanoma with ipilimumab. Journal of Cancer Research and Clinical Oncology, 143(10):1977-1984.

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Oberholzer, P A; Kee, D; Dziunycz, P; Sucker, A; Kamsukom, N; Jones, R; Roden, C; Chalk, C J; Ardlie, K; Palescandolo, E; Piris, A; Macconaill, L E; Robert, C; Hofbauer, G F L; McArthur, G A; Schadendorf, D; Garraway, L A (2012). RAS Mutations Are Associated With the Development of Cutaneous Squamous Cell Tumors in Patients Treated With RAF Inhibitors. Journal of Clinical Oncology, 30(3):316-321.

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Eggermont, A M M; Suciu, S; Testori, A; Kruit, W H; Marsden, J; Punt, C J; Santinami, M; Salès, F; Schadendorf, D; Patel, P; Dummer, R; Robert, C; Keilholz, U; Yver, A; Spatz, A (2012). Ulceration and stage are predictive of interferon efficacy in melanoma: Results of the phase III adjuvant trials EORTC 18952 and EORTC 18991. European Journal of Cancer, 48(2):218-225.

Patel, P M; Suciu, S; Mortier, L; Kruit, W H; Robert, C; Schadendorf, D; Trefzer, U; Punt, C J A; Dummer, R; Davidson, N; Becker, Juergen; Conry, R; Thompson, J A; Hwu, W J; Engelen, K; Agarwala, S S; Keilholz, U; Eggermont, A M M; Spatz, A (2011). Extended schedule, escalated dose temozolomide versus dacarbazine in stage IV melanoma: Final results of a randomised phase III study (EORTC 18032). European Journal of Cancer, 47(10):1476-1483.

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Bazhin, A V; Dalke, C; Willner, N; Abschütz, O; Wildberger, H G H; Philippov, P P; Dummer, R; Graw, J; Hrabé de Angelis, M; Schadendorf, D; Umansky, V; Eichmüller, S B (2009). Cancer-retina antigens as potential paraneoplastic antigens in melanoma-associated retinopathy. International Journal of Cancer, 124(1):140-149.

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Garbe, C; Hauschild, A; Volkenandt, M; Schadendorf, D; Stolz, W; Reinhold, U; Kortmann, R D; Kettelhack, C; Frerich, B; Keilholz, U; Dummer, R; Sebastian, G; Tilgen, W; Schuler, G; Mackensen, A; Kaufmann, R (2008). Evidence-based and interdisciplinary consensus-based German guidelines: systemic medical treatment of melanoma in the adjuvant and palliative setting. Melanoma Research, 18(2):152-160.

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Dummer, R; Hauschild, A; Becker, J C; Grob, J J; Schadendorf, D; Tebbs, V; Skalsky, J; Kaehler, K C; Moosbauer, S; Clark, R; Meng, T C; Urosevic, M (2008). An exploratory study of systemic administration of the toll-like receptor-7 agonist 852A in patients with refractory metastatic melanoma. Clinical Cancer Research, 14(3):856-864.

Garbe, C; Hauschild, A; Volkenandt, M; Schadendorf, D; Stolz, W; Reinhold, U; Kortmann, R D; Kettelhack, C; Frerich, B; Keilholz, U; Dummer, R; Sebastian, G; Tilgen, W; Schuler, G; Mackensen, A; Kaufmann, R (2008). Evidence and interdisciplinary consensus-based German guidelines: surgical treatment and radiotherapy of melanoma. Melanoma Research, 18(1):61-67.

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