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Schmidt, Katharina; Keiser, Simon; Gùˆnther, Viola; Georgiev, Oleg; Hirsch, Hans H; Schaffner, Walter; Bethge, Tobias (2016). Transcription enhancers as major determinants of SV40 polyomavirus growth efficiency and host cell tropism. Journal of General Virology, 97(7):1597-1603.

Schmidt, Katharina; Steiner, Kurt; Petrov, Boyan; Georgiev, Oleg; Schaffner, Walter (2016). Short-lived mammals (shrew, mouse) have a less robust metal-responsive transcription factor than humans and bats. Biometals, 29(3):423-432.

Schaffner, Walter (2015). Enhancers, enhancers - from their discovery to today's universe of transcription enhancers. Biological Chemistry, 396(4):311-327.

Keiser, Simon; Schmidt, Katharina; Bethge, Tobias; Steiger, Julia; Hirsch, Hans H; Schaffner, Walter; Georgiev, Oleg (2015). Emergence of infectious simian virus 40 whose AT tract in the replication origin/early promoter region is substituted by cellular or viral DNAs. Journal of General Virology, 96:601-606.

Bethge, Tobias; Hachemi, Helen A; Manzetti, Julia; Gosert, Rainer; Schaffner, Walter; Hirsch, Hans H (2015). Sp1 sites in the noncoding control region of BK polyomavirus are key regulators of bidirectional viral early and late gene expression. Journal of Virology, 89(6):3396-3411.

Sirena, D; Ruzsics, Z; Schaffner, Walter; Greber, U F; Hemmi, S (2005). The nucleotide sequence and a first generation gene transfer vector of species B human adenovirus serotype 3. Virology, 343(2):283-298.

Cramer, Mirjam; Nagy, Ivana; Murphy, Brian J; Gassmann, Max; Hottiger, Michael O; Georgiev, Oleg; Schaffner, Walter (2005). NF-kappaB contributes to transcription of placenta growth factor and interacts with metal responsive transcription factor-1 in hypoxic human cells. Biological Chemistry, 386(9):865-872.

Fleischli, C; Verhaagh, S; Havenga, M; Sirena, D; Schaffner, Walter; Cattaneo, R; Greber, U F; Hemmi, S (2005). The distal short consensus repeats 1 and 2 of the membrane cofactor protein CD46 and their distance from the cell membrane determine productive entry of species B adenovirus serotype 35. Journal of Virology, 79(15):10013-10022.

Egli, D; Hafen, E; Schaffner, Walter (2004). An efficient method to generate chromosomal rearrangements by targeted DNA double-strand breaks in Drosophila melanogaster. Genome Research, 14(7):1382-1393.

Egli, D; Selvaraj, A; Yepiskoposyan, H; Zhang, B; Hafen, E; Georgiev, Oleg; Schaffner, Walter (2003). Knockout of 'metal-responsive transcription factor' MTF-1 in Drosophila by homologous recombination reveals its central role in heavy metal homeostasis. The EMBO Journal, 22(1):100-108.

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