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Schläpfer, Felix; Schneider, Friedrich (2010). Messung der akademischen Forschungsleistung in den Wirtschaftswissenschaften: Reputation vs. Zitierhäufigkeiten. Perspektiven der Wirtschaftspolitik, 11(4):325-339.

Schläpfer, Felix (2010). How much does journal reputation tell us about the academic interest and relevance of economic research? Empirical analysis and implications for environmental economic research. GAIA, 19(2):140-145.

Waltert, Fabian; Schläpfer, Felix (2010). Landscape amenities and local development: a review of migration, regional economic and hedonic pricing studies. Ecological Economics, 70(2):141-152.

Cavalcanti, Carina; Schläpfer, Felix; Schmid, Bernhard (2010). Public participation and willingness to cooperate in common-pool resource management: A field experiment with fishing communities in Brazil. Ecological Economics, 69(3):613-622.

Deacon, Robert T; Schläpfer, Felix (2010). The spatial range of public goods revealed through referendum voting. Environmental and Resource Economics, 47(3):305-328.

Schulz, Thomas; Schläpfer, Felix (2009). Demand for landscape management: regulation versus financing. Society & Natural Resources, 22(1):27-41.

Schläpfer, Felix; Zweifel, Peter (2008). Nutzenmessung bei öffentlichen Gütern: Konzeptionelle und empirische Probleme in der Praxis. Wirtschaftsdienst, 88(3):210-216.

Schläpfer, Felix; Schmitt, Marcel (2007). Anchors, endorsements, and preferences: A field experiment. Resource and Energy Economics, 29(3):229-243.

Schläpfer, Felix; Schmitt, Marcel; Roschewitz, Anna (2007). Competitive politics, simplified heuristics, and preferences for public goods. Working paper series / Socioeconomic Institute No. 712, University of Zurich.

Schläpfer, Felix (2007). Demand for public landscape management services: Collective choice-based evidence from Swiss cantons. Land Use Policy, 24(2):425-433.

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Schläpfer, Felix; Witzig, Pieter-Jan (2006). Public support for river restoration funding in relation to local river ecomorphology, population density, and mean income. Water Resources Research, 42:W12412.

Schläpfer, Felix (2006). Survey protocol and income effects in the contingent valuation of public goods: A meta-analysis. Ecological Economics, 57(3):415-429.

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