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Schreiber, Peter W; Köhler, Nora; Cervera, Rosita; Hasse, Barbara; Sax, Hugo; Keller, Peter M (2018). Detection limit of Mycobacterium chimaera in water samples for monitoring medical device safety: insights from a pilot experimental series. Journal of Hospital Infection, 99(3):284-289.

Schreiber, Peter W; Schmid, Adrian; Fagagnini, Stefania; Kröger, Arne; Vrugt, Bart; Reiner, Cäcilia S; Boggian, Katia; Schiesser, Marc; Müllhaupt, Beat; Günthard, Huldrych F (2018). MRI and PET-CT Failed to Differentiate Between Hepatic Malignancy and Brucelloma. Open Forum Infectious Diseases, 5(4):ofy052.

Schreiber, Peter W; Bischoff-Ferrari, Heike A; Boggian, Katia; Bonani, Marco; van Delden, Christian; Enriquez, Natalia; Fehr, Thomas; Garzoni, Christian; Hirsch, Hans H; Hirzel, Cédric; Manuel, Oriol; Meylan, Pascal; Saleh, Lanja; Weisser, Maja; Mueller, Nicolas J; Swiss Transplant Cohort Study (2018). Bone metabolism dynamics in the early post-transplant period following kidney and liver transplantation. PLoS ONE, 13(1):e0191167.

Braun, Dominique L; Marzel, Alex; Steffens, Daniela; Schreiber, Peter W; Grube, Christina; Scherrer, Alexandra U; Kouyos, Roger D; Günthard, Huldrych F; Swiss HIV Cohort Study (2018). High rates of subsequent asymptomatic STIs and risky sexual behavior in patients initially presenting with primary HIV-1 infection. Clinical Infectious Diseases, 66(5):735-742.

Sommerstein, Rami; Schreiber, Peter W; Diekema, Daniel J; Edmond, Michael B; Hasse, Barbara; Marschall, Jonas; Sax, Hugo (2017). Mycobacterium chimaera outbreak associated with heater-cooler devices: piecing the puzzle together. Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology, 38(1):103-108.

Lewandowska, Dagmara W; Schreiber, Peter W; Schuurmans, Macé M; Ruehe, Bettina; Zagordi, Osvaldo; Bayard, Cornelia; Greiner, Michael; Geissberger, Fabienne D; Capaul, Riccarda; Zbinden, Andrea; Böni, Jürg; Benden, Christian; Mueller, Nicolas J; Trkola, Alexandra; Huber, Michael (2017). Metagenomic sequencing complements routine diagnostics in identifying viral pathogens in lung transplant recipients with unknown etiology of respiratory infection. PLoS ONE, 12(5):e0177340.

Schreiber, Peter W; Sax, Hugo (2017). Mycobacterium chimaera infections associated with heater–cooler units in cardiac surgery. Current Opinion in Infectious Diseases, 30(4):388-394.

Schreiber, Peter W; Kuster, Stefan P; Hasse, Barbara; Bayard, Cornelia; Rüegg, Christian; Kohler, Philipp; Keller, Peter M; Bloemberg, Guido V; Maisano, Francesco; Bettex, Dominique; Halbe, Maximilian; Sommerstein, Rami; Sax, Hugo (2016). Reemergence of Mycobacterium chimaera in Heater-Cooler Units despite Intensified Cleaning and Disinfection Protocol. Emerging Infectious Diseases, 22(10):1830-1833.

Schreiber, Peter W; Aceto, Leonardo; Korach, Raphael; Marreros, Nelson; Ryser-Degiorgis, Marie-Pierre; Günthard, Huldrych F (2015). Cluster of leptospirosis acquired through river surfing in Switzerland. Open Forum Infectious Diseases, 2(3):ofv102.

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