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Xu, Ren-Huan; Wong, Eric B; Rubio, Daniel; Roscoe, Felicia; Ma, Xueying; Nair, Savita; Remakus, Sanda; Schwendener, Reto; John, Shinu; Shlomchik, Mark; Sigal, Luis J (2015). Sequential activation of two pathogen-sensing pathways required for type I interferon expression and resistance to an acute DNA virus infection. Immunity, 43(6):1148-1159.

Baker, Tiffany G; Roy, Soumen; Brandon, Carlene S; Kramarenko, Inga K; Francis, Shimon P; Taleb, Mona; Marshall, Keely M; Schwendener, Reto; Lee, Fu-Shing; Cunningham, Lisa L (2015). Heat shock protein-mediated protection against cisplatin-induced hair cell death. Journal of the Association for Research in Otolaryngology (JARO), 16(1):67-80.

Moalli, Federica; Proulx, Steven T; Schwendener, Reto; Detmar, Michael; Schlapbach, Christoph; Stein, Jens V (2015). Intravital and whole-organ imaging reveals capture of melanoma-derived antigen by lymph node subcapsular macrophages leading to widespread deposition on follicular dendritic cells. Frontiers in Immunology, 6:114.

König, Simone; Nitzki, Frauke; Uhmann, Anja; Dittmann, Kai; Theiss-Suennemann, Jennifer; Herrmann, Markus; Reichardt, Holger M; Schwendener, Reto; Pukrop, Tobias; Schulz-Schaeffer, Walter; Hahn, Heidi (2014). Depletion of cutaneous macrophages and dendritic cells promotes growth of Basal cell carcinoma in mice. PLoS ONE, 9(4):e93555.

Epelman, Slava; Lavine, Kory J; Beaudin, Anna E; Sojka, Dorothy K; Carrero, Javier A; Calderon, Boris; Brija, Thaddeus; Gautier, Emmanuel L; Ivanov, Stoyan; Satpathy, Ansuman T; Schilling, Joel D; Schwendener, Reto; Sergin, Ismail; Razani, Babak; Forsberg, E Camilla; Yokoyama, Wayne M; Unanue, Emil R; Colonna, Marco; Randolph, Gwendalyn J; Mann, Douglas L (2014). Embryonic and adult-derived resident cardiac macrophages are maintained through distinct mechanisms at steady state and during inflammation. Immunity, 40(1):91-104.

Sabatino, Raffaella; Antonelli, Antonella; Battistelli, Serafina; Schwendener, Reto; Magnani, Mauro; Rossi, Luigia (2014). Macrophage depletion by free bisphosphonates and zoledronate-loaded red blood cells. PLoS ONE, 9(6):e101260.

Tsushima, Yukio; Jang, Jae-Hwi; Yamada, Yoshito; Schwendener, Reto; Suzuki, Kenji; Weder, Walter; Jungraithmayr, Wolfgang (2014). The depletion of donor macrophages reduces ischaemia-reperfusion injury after mouse lung transplantation. European Journal of Cardio-Thoracic Surgery, 45(4):703-709.

König, Simone; Regen, Tommy; Dittmann, Kai; Engelke, Michael; Wienands, Jürgen; Schwendener, Reto; Hanisch, Uwe-Karsten; Pukrop, Tobias; Hahn, Heidi (2013). Empty liposomes induce antitumoral effects associated with macrophage responses distinct from those of the TLR1/2 agonist Pam3CSK 4 (BLP). Cancer Immunology, Immunotherapy, 62(10):1587-1597.

Jurgeit, Andreas; McDowell, Robert; Moese, Stefan; Meldrum, Eric; Schwendener, Reto; Greber, Urs F (2012). Niclosamide is a proton carrier and targets acidic endosomes with broad antiviral effects. PLoS Pathogens, 8(10):e1002976.

Kuonen, François; Laurent, Julien; Secondini, Chiara; Lorusso, Girieca; Stehle, Jean-Christophe; Rausch, Thierry; Faes-Van't Hull, Eveline; Bieler, Grégory; Alghisi, Gian-Carlo; Schwendener, Reto; Andrejevic-Blant, Snezana; Mirimanoff, René-Olivier; Rüegg, Curzio (2012). Inhibition of the Kit Ligand/c-Kit Axis Attenuates Metastasis in a Mouse Model Mimicking Local Breast Cancer Relapse after Radiotherapy. Clinical Cancer Research, 18(16):4365-4374.

Bonde, Anne-Katrine; Tischler, Verena; Kumar, Sushil; Soltermann, Alex; Schwendener, Reto (2012). Intratumoral macrophages contribute to epithelial-mesenchymal transition in solid tumors. BMC Cancer, 12:35.

Schilling, Joel D; Machkovech, Heather M; Kim, Alfred H J; Schwendener, Reto; Schwedwener, Reto; Schaffer, Jean E (2012). Macrophages modulate cardiac function in lipotoxic cardiomyopathy. American Journal of Physiology - Heart and Circulatory Physiology, 303(11):H1366-H1373.

Buchholz, Julia; Kaser-Hotz, Barbara; Khan, Tania; Rohrer Bley, Carla; Melzer, Katja; Schwendener, Reto; Roos, Malgorzata; Walter, Heinrich (2005). Optimizing photodynamic therapy: in vivo pharmacokinetics of liposomal meta-(tetrahydroxyphenyl)chlorin in feline squamous cell carcinoma. Clinical Cancer Research, 11(20):7538-7544.

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