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Dafflon, C; Craig, V J; Méreau, H; Gräsel, J; Schacher Engstler, B; Hoffman, G; Nigsch, F; Gaulis, S; Barys, L; Ito, M; Aguadé-Gorgorió, J; Bornhauser, B; Bourquin, J-P; Proske, A; Stork-Fux, C; Murakami, M; Sellers, W R; Hofmann, F; Schwaller, J; Tiedt, R (2017). Complementary activities of DOT1L and Menin inhibitors in MLL-rearranged leukemia. Leukemia, 31(6):1269-1277.

Johannessen, C M; Boehm, J S; Kim, S Y; Thomas, S R; Wardwell, L; Johnson, L A; Emery, C M; Stransky, N; Cogdill, A P; Barretina, J; Caponigro, G; Hieronymus, H; Murray, R R; Salehi-Ashtiani, K; Hill, D E; Vidal, M; Zhao, J J; Yang, X; Alkan, O; Kim, S; Harris, J L; Wilson, C J; Myer, V E; Finan, P M; Root, D E; Roberts, T M; Golub, T; Flaherty, K T; Dummer, R; Weber, B L; Sellers, W R; Schlegel, R; Wargo, J A; Hahn, W C; Garraway, L A (2010). COT drives resistance to RAF inhibition through MAP kinase pathway reactivation. Nature, 468(7326):968-972.

Emery, C M; Vijayendran, K G; Zipser, M C; Sawyer, A M; Niu, L; Kim, J J; Hatton, C; Chopra, R; Oberholzer, P A; Karpova, M B; MacConaill, L E; Zhang, J; Gray, N S; Sellers, W R; Dummer, R; Garraway, L A (2009). MEK1 mutations confer resistance to MEK and B-RAF inhibition. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS), 106(48):20411-20416.

Beroukhim, R; Brunet, J P; Di Napoli, A; Mertz, K D; Seeley, A; Pires, M M; Linhart, D; Worrell, R A; Moch, H; Rubin, M A; Sellers, W R; Meyerson, M; Linehan, W M; Kaelin, W G; Signoretti, S (2009). Patterns of gene expression and copy-number alterations in von-hippel lindau disease-associated and sporadic clear cell carcinoma of the kidney. Cancer Research, 69(11):4674-4681.

Lin, W M; Baker, A C; Beroukhim, R; Winckler, W; Feng, W; Marmion, J M; Laine, E; Greulich, H; Tseng, H; Gates, C; Hodi, F S; Dranoff, G; Sellers, W R; Thomas, R K; Meyerson, M; Golub, T R; Dummer, R; Herlyn, M; Getz, G; Garraway, L A (2008). Modeling genomic diversity and tumor dependency in malignant melanoma. Cancer Research, 68(3):664-673.

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