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Adams, N F; Collinson, M E; Smith, S Y; Bamford, M K; Forest, F; Malakasi, P; Marone, F; Sykes, D (2016). X-rays and virtual taphonomy resolve the first Cissus (Vitaceae) macrofossils from Africa as early-diverging members of the genus. American Journal of Botany, 103(9):1657-1677.

Smith, S Y; Collinson, M E; Benedict, J C; Leong-Skornickova, J; Marone, F; Parkinson, D (2015). Revision of putative Alpinia (Zingiberaceae) fossils from the Paleogene and Neogene of western Europe. Palaeontographica. Abteilung B: Palaeophytologie, 293(1-6):101-123.

Benedict, J C; Smith, S Y; Collinson, M E; Leong-Skornickova, J; Specht, C D; Marone, F; Xiao, X; Parkinson, D Y (2015). Seed morphology and anatomy and its utility in recognizing subfamilies and tribes of Zingiberaceae. American Journal of Botany, 102(11):1814-1841.

Scott, A C; Pinter, N; Collinson, M E; Hardiman, M; Anderson, R S; Brain, A P R; Smith, S Y; Marone, F; Stampanoni, M (2010). Fungus, not comet or catastrophe, accounts for carbonaceous spherules in the Younger Dryas “impact layer”. Geophysical Research Letters, 37(14):L14302.

Smith, S Y; Collinson, M E; Rudall, P J; Simpson, D A; Marone, F; Stampanoni, M (2009). Virtual taphonomy using synchrotron tomographic microscopy reveals cryptic features and internal structure of modern and fossil plants. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS), 106(29):12013-12018.

Smith, S Y; Collinson, M E; Simpson, D A; Rudall, P J; Marone, F; Stampanoni, M (2009). Elucidating the affinities and habitat of ancient, widespread Cyperaceae: Volkeria messelensis gen. et sp. nov., a fossil mapanioid sedge from the Eocene of Europe. American Journal of Botany, 96(8):1506-1518.

Scott, A C; Galtier, J; Gostling, N J; Smith, S Y; Collinson, M E; Stampanoni, M; Marone, F; Donoghue, P C J; Bengtson, S (2009). Scanning electron microscopy and synchrotron radiation x-ray tomographic microscopy of 330 million year old charcoalified seed fern fertile organs. Microscopy and Microanalysis, 15(2):166-73.

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